Pokemon Sword and Shield - What is Gigantamaxing?

Pokemon Sword and Shield will allow certain Pokemon to assume a unique and powerful form through an ability called Gigantamaxing.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Gigantamaxing

Gigantamax Form Guide

This feature gives Pokemon the ability to grow in size and become more powerful. All Pokemon in the Galar region can Dynamax, though only certain species can assume yet an even stronger form through Gigantamaxing.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Gigantamaxing

Both Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing cause Pokemon to grow bigger and gain enhanced abilities. A Pokemon’s appearance significantly changes when it is Gigantamaxed. It will also be able to use extremely powerful attacks called G-Max moves.

The aesthetic changes that Pokemon undergo through Gigantamaxing are similar to mega evolutions introduced in Pokemon X and Y. G-Max moves, meanwhile, are somewhat akin to Z-Moves that debuted in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

How to Obtain Gigantamax Pokemon

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Gigantamaxing

Pokemon that can Gigantamax are encountered in Max Raid battles. When caught, all players who participated will obtain the Pokemon. Gigantamax Pokemon are very rare and may require players to scour the Galar region to find them.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Gigantamaxing

Certain Gigantamax Pokemon also have hidden abilities, giving them an even bigger advantage over those that do not.

List of Pokemon with Gigantamax Forms

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