Pokemon Sword and Shield - Who are Team Yell?

Team Yell are a juvenile bunch that players will frequently encounter in Pokemon Sword and Shield.They are die-hard fans of Marnie and will stop at nothing to see her become the Galar region's league champion.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Team Yell

Team Yell

Pokemon Sword and Shield will introduce an interesting cast of characters as players journey across the Galar region. New Pokemon, rivals, challenges, and a rowdy group of troublemakers called Team Yell await on the road to become league champion.

Who are They?

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Team Yell

Identified by their black outfits with spiked and studded accessories, Team Yell is a gang of delinquents found roaming the Galar region. They have painted faces and dyed pink hair. Team Yell members are reminiscent of the punk subculture that emerged in the United Kingdom from which the Galar region was inspired.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Team Yell

Team Yell members are fiercely devoted to Marnie, one of the player’s rivals. They can be seen with horns and towels showing their fiery support for their idol. The group can appear out of nowhere whenever Marnie battles to root for her. Their ultimate goal is to see Marnie become the Galar region’s league champion.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Team Yell

To accomplish their goal, Team Yell will cause all sort of trouble for other trainers. They can take over hotels and modes of transportation to hinder travelers.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Team Yell

Team Yell members will play dirty in Pokemon battles, often shouting and distracting their opponents.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Team Yell

Only Marnie seems to be able to order them to stop such devious acts and keep them in line.

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