Pokemon Sword and Shield - Y-Comm and Surprise Trade

Pokemon Sword and Shield will feature a new online feature to facilitate online interaction among players called Y-Comm.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Y-Comm


Pokemon Sword and Shield will allows players to interact with one another online or through a local connection using Y-Comm. This is similar to the player search system or PSS, which first appeared in Pokemon X and Y.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Y-Comm

Both new and familiar features will appear on the Y-Comm menu, including trading and link battles. Players will also be able to exchange league cards, update their profile, search for Y-Comm stamps, or engage in surprise trades.

Y-Comm Stamps

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Y-Comm

While adventuring, players may see a Y-Comm stamp on the left of the screen. This indicates that a player is looking for someone to trade with, battle, or invite to a Max Raid battle.

Surprise Trade

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Y-Comm

A new feature in Sword and Shield, players can select a Pokemon in their storage box for surprise trading. After choosing a Pokemon, the Y-Comm will automatically search for someone to trade with. Players are randomly matched with other people from all over the world. On a local connection, trades will be done with other players nearby.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Y-Comm

Y-Comm will continue to find people to surprise trade with even when the player is adventuring or locked in a Pokemon battle. A notification will appear once a trade is successful.

Trading and battling other players via the internet requires a Nintendo Switch Online paid membership. This is not required when using local communication.

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