Pokemon Sword and Shield - A Look at the Galar Region!

Let's analyze each section of the Galar Region in Pokemon Sword and Shield and find out which locations in the United Kingdom they are based on!

Galar Region

Galar is the newest region and serves as the setting for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. While there are no official announcements as to the inspiration behind the region, fans have speculated that it is based on a few locations in the United Kingdom.

Galar Region

Let’s divide the region into sections and analyze some of the interesting locations.

The South (Hometown)

Galar Region

Similar to most games in the main Pokemon series, the protagonist will start his or her journey in the south where their hometown is located. The hometown may be based on the southern parts of England, namely Somerset, Bristol, or Hampshire.

Galar Region

Source: SomersetLive

These cities or counties have farmlands and villas that give off a “countryside” vibe, a trait seen in the photo of the southern section of Galar.

The Lake

Galar Region

The two big lakes found in the middle of the region may be based on popular lakes in the UK like Loch Ness and Lough Neagh.

Galar Region

Source: The Telegraph UK

Loch Ness is quite popular due to a hoax of a giant lizard-like creature living in the lake. Will we see a giant lizard Pokemon in Galar?

The Industrial City

Galar Region

This unique industrial city in Galar may be based on Manchester, a popular city in the middle of the UK. The big clock tower bears similarities to the tower of Manchester Town Hall.

Galar Region

Source: English Heritage

In addition, you will see some stone formations to the north that look like Stonehenge, a bizarre historic monument found in Salisbury.

The Hill Figure

Galar Region

To the west of the region lies a large mysterious carving of what appears to be a giant fire-breathing creature with peculiar figures cheering near its feet.

Source: NationalTrust

Fans speculate that this could be based on the Cerne Abbas Giant, a hill figure found in Dorset. The creator of this figure and the date when it was carved still remain a mystery. Does this figure connect us to the legendary Pokemon of the region?

The Castle

Galar Region

The castle to the northeast of the hill looks like Windsor Castle, one of the residences of the current royal family in the UK.

Galar Region

Source: Royal UK

This could also indicate that the Galar region may have a royal family as well.

The North

Galar Region

The Northernmost part of the region looks like London, the most populous city in the United Kingdom.

Galar Region

Source: Visit London

You can see a copy of the Clock Tower in the photo above as well as a tall building which bears resemblance to The Shard, the tallest building in the UK.

The Gyms

There are several color-coded stadiums scattered across the map. These colors may indicate which type you are going to face in these gyms.

Galar Region

We listed our speculations as to what types these gyms may contain:

  • Green Gym (West): Grass-type
  • Blue Gym (East): Water-type
  • Brown Gym (Northwest): Ground-type or Rock-type
  • Purple Gym (Northwest): Fairy-type or Poison-type
  • Red Gym (North): Pokemon League

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