Pokemon Sword and Shield - Brand New Pokemon Discovered on the playable demo at E3 2019

Two brand new Pokemon, Yamper and Impidimp, were revealed during the E3 2019 Nintendo playable demo for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

E3 2019 Demo Showcases Two Brand New Pokemon

Coverage on Pokemon Sword and Shield did not stop after the presentation as fans who attended the event found out that two brand new Pokemon were on the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct playable demo.

One attendee by the username of @SebPro101 shared a tweet of his demo experience:


Yamper, the electric type corgi

Source: SebPro101’s Youtube Channel

A Pokemon that is based off a corgi. Yamper shares its typing with Electrike, the first dog Pokemon gifted with the power to control electricity. Unlike Electrike, it doesn’t look hostile. It even has a brand new ability, Ball Fetch, which allows it to retrieve the first thrown ball that failed to catch a wild Pokemon. This can only be done if it’s not holding a held item. Its moves are similar to Electrike with Spark and Wild Charge. It also has coverage moves like Play Rough and Crunch which is common with other dog Pokemon like Snubbull.

Impidimp, the dark/fairy type imp

Source: SebPro101’s Youtube Channel

An imp whose body resembles Aipom and Sableye. From behind, it seems to have little wings growing from its head. Being the first dual type of its kind, Impidimp might have some tricks up its sleeve. Normally the dark type is weak to fighting and bug, however, its additional typing cancels this out. In the demo, it learns Sucker Punch, a dark type move that always goes first if the enemy was preparing an attack. For the meantime, we can only guess what other moves it will have due to its typing and appearance. We’re leaning towards moves similar to Sableye due to its looks, while it might also have new abilities that we haven’t seen before.

Pokemon Sword and Shield release on November 15, 2019, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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