Pokemon Sword and Shield - Catch Special Milcery in Max Raid Battles

With the sudden spawn of Gigantamax Pokemon comes a new wave of sweets. Take on Max Raid Battles from January 30 to February 16 to get a chance to add special Milcery to your collection and obtain new evolutionary items!


Look for Milcery

Players who have connected online to receive the latest Wild Area News can encounter the Cream Pokemon, Milcery. Previously, trainers were able to encounter its evolution, Gigantamax Alcremie, among others. However, for those who missed the recent event, fret not for another wave of sweet Pokemon are taking over. Whether you’re a returning player or have already caught Alcremie in the past, you can continue catching Gigantamax Alcremie through Milcery, its basic form. When caught, trainers can evolve this special Milcery into their desired Alcremie form after completing the necessary conditions. To top it off, players who have surpassed the encounter can also obtain bonus items such as Star Sweets or Ribbon Sweets to embellish their Milcery with. In doing so, players get to unlock never-before-seen Alcremie forms!

Evolution Methods

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Milcery Pokemon Sword and Shield - Gigantamax Alcremie

The event runs from January 30 and ends on February 16 at 3:59 PM PST so be sure to dive in and catch Milcery while you can!

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