Pokemon Sword and Shield - New Information About the Dynamax Phenomenon

Newly revealed information regarding Pokemon Sword and Shield's Dynamax, a mechanic where even your tiniest Pokemon can turn gigantic!

What is Dynamax?

Dynamax is a new gameplay mechanic introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This mechanic allows a Pokemon to swiftly grow to humongous proportions during a battle.


Once you Dynamax a Pokemon, it will turn gigantic and gain a pinkish glow around its body. All their normal moves will be inaccessible, replaced with special Max Moves. The Pokemon will return to its normal state after three turns.

Max Moves


Max Moves are powerful attacks and buffs exclusive to Dynamaxed Pokemon. The moves are determined by what kind of moves your Pokemon has in its normal arsenal. For example, if your Pokemon has a type-specific move like Razor Leaf, it will be replaced with a Grass-type Max Move like Max Overgrowth. Max Guard replaces buff/debuff moves like Growl or Taunt, and normal moves like Scratch are switched with Max Strike. Max Strike decreases the speed of the target enemy Pokemon.

The player can only access Dynamax if he or she has the Dynamax Band.

Dynamax Band

It is currently unknown who gives the player the Dynamax Band, but speculations indicate that it might be Professor Magnolia.


It is also interesting that it can produce a giant Pokeball to capture wild Dynamax Pokemon. Not much is known about the capture mechanic of the band, but expect more info to be revealed before the game’s release.

Max Raid Battles

Speaking of wild Dynamax Pokemon, you can battle them in specific areas indicated by a pinkish glow. These giant Pokemon will retain their giant state for the entire battle, making it troublesome if you are alone.


Luckily, you can invite up to three friends to join you in defeating the wild Pokemon. You can also Dynamax a Pokemon in this battle, but only one trainer can access it.

The wild giant Pokemon you and your friends will face depends on both the area’s terrain and weather. Some Pokemon will only appear when it’s sunny, while a few only do so when it’s rainy.

Pokemon Sword and Shield releases on November 15, 2019 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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