Pokemon Sword and Shield - Flying Taxi Spotted in Galar

Ride the Flying Taxi, a vehicle powered by Corviknight that allows the trainer to move from one town to the next.

What is the Flying Taxi?

The taxi returns in the Galar region and this time, the driver has partnered with Corviknight to change the way trainers move from one town to the next. Back in Generation 6, the taxi served as the fastest means of getting around the bustling city of Lumiose. The drawback to this was that the taxi could only travel within the city. However, the taxis in Galar, called the Flying Taxi, can take the trainer to another town. An image of the Flying Taxi that was parked in an unnamed town was found on the official website.

Possibility of other means if fast-travel

At the moment, we’re not sure whether the Flying Taxi will be the only way to travel between towns. In addition, we’re not certain it will ultimately replace Fly either. Similar to Surf, Fly was a hidden machine in previous games. In other regions, trainers have to teach Fly to one of their Pokemon in order to fast-travel to a chosen town. Trainers were able to use a specific set of moves called hidden machines, or HMs for short. In order to use them in the overworld, trainers needed to defeat gym leaders. Knowing that HMs were open for use after conquering gyms, there’s a chance that Galar will have some too. Still, the sight of floating bikes and the flying taxi appear to hint that the HMs have been replaced with more modern means.

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