Pokemon Sword and Shield - Gen 8 Starters Dual-Type Speculations

Let's speculate which dual-type combinations the Gen 8 Starter Pokemon will have before Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release

Gen 8 Starter Pokemon

The three new starter Pokemon for Gen 8 were recently revealed during Nintendo’s Pokemon Direct live stream on February 27, 2019. The new games, titled Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, are said to release late 2019 for the Nintendo Switch.

Gen 8 Starters

Many fans already have theories related to the type of combinations of the Gen 8 Starters’ types. Since Gen 3, the starter Pokemon’s third and final evolutions often have a second type associated with them. A good example of this interesting dual-type combination is Torchic who evolves into Blaziken, a Fire/Fighting-type.

What are the Gen 8 starter Pokemon’s second type? Let’s speculate!


Gen 8 Starters

Grookey is a Grass-type Pokemon who is “full of boundless curiosity” according to the official Pokemon website. We are speculating that Grookey may be a Grass/Rock-type given that it is seen hitting a rock in the Pokemon Direct trailer.

Gen 8 Starters

While it is also possible for it to be a Grass/Ground-type, Grookey will have a huge disadvantage against Ice if this is the case.


Gen 8 Starters

Scorbunny is a Fire-type Pokemon who is “bursting with energy.” While many fans are tired of seeing Fire/Fighting-types, Scorbunny seems to have this type combination. Due to its athleticism, the Pokemon may have several Fighting-type moves in its arsenal.

Gen 8 Starters

However, it is also possible for it to be a Fire/Normal-type, since there are some Normal-types that specialize in Speed like Linoone, Cinccino, and Furfrou.


Gen 8 Starters

Sobble is a Water-type Pokemon who “shoots out attacks as it hides in the water.” Due to its sneaky and timid nature, fans speculate that it may be a Water/Dark-type like Greninja.

Gen 8 Starters

It is also possible for it to be a Water/Ghost-type, but it will have too many strengths as this type combination is immune to Normal and Fighting moves.

Do you have any theories of what their types could be? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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  1. Scorbunny could be fire/electric because of speed and electricity is fast sobble could be water/psychic because psychic could probably become invisible of water/ghost like you said maybe grookey could be grass/fighting

    • and that is sad… they really need to have something new and different for the fire starter than with fighting because most ppl are sick of and do not like/use fighting types unless ur a guy. I was looking forward to Scorbunny as a fire starter that wasn’t fire/fighting but sadly it’s just another boring fire/fighting most likely! 🙁

  2. This would mean that Scorbunny would be the only one chosen, as it would have types to resist both the other starters.

  3. Personally, I see a high probability of Scorbunny getting Fairy-type, and I’m rooting hardcore for Grookey to become Rock or Steel because of inspiration from Britain’s music scene. As for Sobble, it’s a real toss up. Water/Ghost would be an INCREDIBLE typing, and just because of that I think we probably won’t get it. Maybe Water/Dark, Water/Psychic or even Water/Poison?