Pokemon Sword and Shield - Interview about Grookey Released

Gameinformer continues with its slew of exclusive content. In this interview, they were joined by Mr. Ohmori, Mr. Masuda, and Mr. Turner to learn about Grookey, Galar's grass starter.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Grookey

Grookey’s Story

In an interview, Gameinformer sat down with Pokemon Sword and Shield producer Mr. Masuda, director Mr. Ohmori, and art director James Turner to discuss the new starter Grookey. The video was posted on October 7th, 2019.

Meet Grookey

According to Mr. Ohmori, Grookey is a grass-type Pokemon that loves to climb trees. He mentioned that Grookey uses the stick that hangs on its head to tap its surroundings. Mr. Ohmori added that this action has the power to breathe life into the earth.

And you can see on its head, it has this mysterious little stick that it uses to tap trees and the ground.

For example if you see it hit the ground, grass will suddenly start growing in that area.

Grookey, the moodsetter

Mr. Ohmori described Grookey as a bright and cheerful Pokemon and the opposite of Sobble. When asked about its difference from Chimchar, another monkey Pokemon, he stated that they are two different species. He told Gameinformer that Grookey is likely a favorite among trainers who would be fascinated by its behavior.

It’s really the opposite of Sobble, who is maybe a bit more depressed.


Mr. Ohmori was asked about Grookey’s evolved forms’ appearance. Mr. Ohmori replied, however, by telling Gameinformer that he didn’t know either. Despite the mysteries surrounding its evolution, Mr. Ohmori teased Grookey can be easily distinguished from other monkey Pokemon’s appearances.

Hard to say what it will become, honestly.

Through the evolutions, I think you’ll see differences in these monkey-themed Pokemon.

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