Pokemon Sword and Shield - Interview about Scorbunny Revealed

In part two of their interview, Gameinformer invited Game Freak to talk about Scorbunny. Here, we covered some of the topics they discussed.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Scorbunny

The tale of Scorbunny

In their interview, Gameinformer once again sat down with Pokemon Sword and Shield producer Mr. Masuda, director Mr. Ohmori, and art director James Turner to discuss the new fire type starter Scorbunny. The video was posted on October 8th, 2019.

Meet Scorbunny

Following the interview of Grookey is one on Scorbunny, a Pokemon that is brimming with energy. When asked about the patches covering Scorbunny’s body, Mr. Ohmori revealed that the team drew inspiration from Japanese children that had patches on their nose. That being said, Mr. Ohmori told Gameinformer that the patches are a symbol of how energetic Scorbunny is. Looking closely, we could even spot patches on each of its feet.

But one thing you see in a lot of Japanese designs is a patch over the nose to express a young, energetic, rambunctious kid.

Scorbunny, the fiery rabbit

According to Mr. Ohmori, Scorbunny has a knack for picking up speed. Similar to Grookey’s stick which causes plants to grow, Scorbunny’s feet leave traces of their own. In fact, when Scorbunny runs, it leaves behind a path ignited by its feet. Mr. Ohmori added that due to its vigor, many trainers, such as athletes or those who love to run, make suitable partners for Scorbunny.

Where it runs, fire will actually come up from the ground.

He also remarked in jest that trainers who chose Scorbunny might lose it because of its eagerness to wander off. We’re wondering if Scorbunny drew some inspiration from Barry, a Pokemon trainer from the Sinnoh region due to their tendency to take off.

I think the person that would choose a Scorbunny would be a person that could keep up with it, that likes to run around a lot.

The team then went over a number of its design features. When asked how they arrived at its design, they brought up its silhouette. They added how each of the starter’s designs, through their respective silhouettes, brings out their personality. While they admitted that its face appeared raw, its silhouette balances it out.

I think you can tell in its silhouette, that the shapes are basic enough that you can easily remember them.


Despite the lack of images of its evolution, Mr. Ohmori hinted that its evolution might just startle trainers. He added that trainers who are fond of surprises are in luck to have Scorbunny around.

Seeing the way it grows and evolves is very suspenseful. You never know which direction it’s going to take.

There you have it. So far, we’ve covered two of the three starters in the Galar region. Stay tuned as we bring you coverage on Sobble’s story when it becomes available.

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