Pokemon Sword and Shield - Meet Galarian Slowpoke

In the latest Nintendo Direct, Slowpoke, a Pokemon native to the Kanto region, was teased to have a regional form in the upcoming Expansion Pass for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Galarian Slowpoke Teased

What is Galarian Slowpoke?

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Galarian Slowpoke

Wild Slowpoke in the Galar region appear similar to the regular counterparts save for some slight changes. In Galar, Slowpoke feeds on special plant seeds which turn out to be Galarica seeds. The plant seeds are popular for being widely used in preparing cuisine native to the region. After consuming these special seeds, the body of Slowpoke stores these substances in their bodies which alter their actions.

The effect of consuming plant seeds have shaped Galarian Slowpoke’s way of life. Due to their eating habits, Slowpoke spend most of their time zoning out. However, the gradual buildup of these substances causes their brain to fill up. Despite this phenomenon, Slowpoke suddenly forgets the information stored in its head.

Galarian Slowpoke appears identical to Slowpoke save for the yellowish tones on its head and tail. It is possible that the exposure to the spice seeds caused this phenomenon. Looking back, we know that Slowpoke evolves into one of two species. With Galarian Slowpoke, the yellowish sections of its body does seem to hint on those as well.

Below is a breakdown of the traits of Galarian Slowpoke.


Similar to Kantonian Slowpoke, the regional form in Galar have a psychic typing.


Unlike the Slowpoke from Kanto, Galarian Slowpoke have a chance to inherit Gluttony. With this ability, Slowpoke can consume a held berry when its health turns yellow or halved. Previously, Slowpoke can have the Oblivious ability. Other than that, the Slowpoke that inhabit the Galar region can also come with their returning ability from previous games, Own Tempo.


Galarian Slowpoke evolves based on the item that it gets in contact with. In contrast to the regular one which evolves by training, or through trading with a King’s Rock, Galarian Slowpoke needs to hold a special item native to one of the two new areas. Players who wish to evolve it to Galarian Slowbro need to seek the item in the Isle of Armor. Meanwhile, those who plan on getting Galarian Slowking must scour the Crown Tundra.

Other possible Galarian forms

In the coverage of the Crown Tundra, three likely regional forms were also shown. While these are purely based on speculation, the Crown Tundra hinted on the appearance of the legendary trio from the Kanto region.

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