Pokemon Sword and Shield - New Galarian Form Possibly Teased During Pokemon Live Camera

A new, unnamed, but familiar looking Pokemon was teased in the first Live Camera event. The video also showed Pokemon that live inside Glimwood Tangle.

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New Galarian Form Possibly Teased

The first 24-hour Pokemon Live Camera broadcast was recently released. In the video, heaps of returning Pokemon and a special unnamed Pokemon showed up.

Live Camera

As previously mentioned, the live camera was Galarian researcher Sonia’s observation of Glimwood Tangle. The recording went live for 24-hours and showed different kinds of Pokemon.

Possible new Galarian Form appeared

Impidimp, a Pokemon that was last seen in demo gameplay, returned during the live stream. Whenever Impidimp emerged, another unnamed Pokemon appeared alongside it. In one instance, Impidimp covered the screen with fog with its breath. After Impidimp left, a new Pokemon galloped across the screen. The Pokemon had a pale body, a purple mane, and sky blue wings. People on social media shared snapshots of their findings. Many of the fans commented that the Pokemon looked a lot like Ponyta, which led them to speculate that it was a Galarian form of the Pokemon.

On Social Media

Sometime around the release of the Live Camera, the games’ producer, Junichi Masuda, was shown to repost a couple of posts shared by fans on twitter which talked about the appearance of Galarian Ponyta.

One of the posts that the producer shared included a clear image of the unnamed Pokemon.

Galarian Ponyta


It is highly likely that the Pokemon is a Galarian Ponyta due to a number of clues. From the video alone, we caught a few hints of sounds made by a horse Pokemon. Within the first five minutes of the video, we heard something galloping in the distance. On top of that, Ponyta’s cry could be heard just past the five-minute mark.

There are other hints outside the video. Aside from its uncanny resemblance to the horse, Ponyta has also often appeared alongside Vulpix. With the fox Pokemon already having a regional form in Sun and Moon, it is possible that Ponyta would be next. We can also find other clues by looking at other regional forms such as Muk and Weezing. These two Pokemon share a type and can thereby be thought of as somewhat related. Other than their appearance and type, all of their base stats are nearly identical. Having Ponyta to complement Vulpix the same way Weezing did to Muk would make sense.

While neither the producer nor the website has yet revealed details on this Pokemon, the latter’s most recent post announced that a summarized report will be released soon.

Summary of findings

Here, we have compiled a tentative list of Pokemon that appeared or made a noise in the Live Camera event.

  • Pikachu
  • Morelull
  • Phantump
  • Swirlix
  • Cottonee
  • Impidimp
  • A new goat looking Pokemon
  • Shiinotic
  • An unknown horse Pokemon

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