Pokemon Sword and Shield - Pokemon Day 2020 Announced

The Pokemon Company shared February 27 as "Pokemon Day" in honor of the release of the first gaming software, Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green, which debuted in 1996 of the same day. The Japan Memorial Day Association also gave an overview on the announcements for the upcoming Pokemon Day.

Pokemon - Pokemon Day 2020


What is Pokemon Day?

Pokemon Day is an annual celebration of the Japan’s first release of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green. In honor of the event, special announcements similar to Nintendo Directs and Pokemon Directs appear in Pokemon Day. Some countries also host special on-site events such as community gatherings, tournaments, mini games which may offer limited-edition products.

According to the Japanese video game magazine Famitsu, the Japan Memorial Day Association made a statement and shared the theme behind the celebration.

 Pokémon Co., Ltd., a brand management company for Pokémon, also known as Pokémon. Pokémon’s first game software, Pokemon Red / Green, was released on February 27, 1996. Since this day is a commemorative start for the game-born Pokemon, it is called “Pokemon Day” by overseas fans and is valued. The aim is to make Japanese Pokémon fans aware of this special day and love Pokémon for a long time.

In the same way, the Official Japanese Twitter Page also shared a tweet which contains a link to the announcement on the official Japanese website:


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Many events will take place in honor of Pokemon Day. Among them include events that occur in video games including the Nintendo Switch and mobile phone applications. For Nintendo Switch, a special Max Raid battle for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will appear. Whereas mobile applications such as Pokemon Go and Pokemon Masters will introduce a new event and new content respectively. Other teased content include the reveal of a brand-new Mythical Pokemon for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. The currently unidentified Pokemon will also make its debut in the upcoming “Pokemon The Movie Coco.”

Last year, the official Pokemon english website posted a quick rundown of the US events.

In anticipation of the event, the official website shared a sneak-peek of what fans can expect in Pokemon Day 2019:

This Pokémon Day is sure to be huge, with exciting news and events celebrating more than 20 years of Pokémon fun. Pokémon Day itself is February 27, the anniversary of the release of the very first Pokémon games in Japan. But the events planned are too big to fit into just one day—look forward to exciting Pokémon Day festivities throughout the week and beyond

Many events appeared in the US including: TCG community meetups, a marathon of the anime which aired on the Pokemon Day itself up to the 5th of May, the return of fan-favorite episodes on Disney XD, and a glimpse of the Pokemon Center’s new products.

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