Pokemon Sword and Shield - Pokemon Home Release Date Announced

According to the latest Pokemon Direct which aired on January 9, 2020 teased the release of Pokemon Home. Pokemon Home is a paid cloud service application. It is compatible with many Pokemon games including a two-way transfer between the latest switch games and Pokemon Home.


Release Date Announced

Previously, in an interview, game producer Mr. Masuda stated that Pokemon Home can only transfer a little over 300 species. This was due to the fact that, at the time of writing, the base game contained significantly less Pokemon. However, to tie in with the debut of the upcoming expansions, around 200 more will join the fray when the application hits the shelves. When combined, players can now carry over around more than 200 Pokemon from previous games. While these will cover new species, players who wish to use the service can still obtain them through other methods.

With DLC and Expansion Passes left and right, it was only a matter of time that the Pokemon Company followed suit. As it happens, the Expansion Passes serve as the spiritual successor to the widely known ‘third installments,’ which reinforced the staple tradition for the past years when Pokemon Yellow came out in Japan in 1998.

Transfer Limited

How to obtain new Pokemon without the Expansion Pass

In the direct, a simple chart showed a sample of the transfer process across games. Pokemon that come from Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee can be sent to the cloud storage through a one-way transfer. The first step appears to mirror many of the past methods that involved connecting Bank with the old versions. Below is a similar chart that was teased for Pokemon Bank a few years ago.

Once stored in Pokemon Home, the Pokemon can then be sent to one of two versions. Pokemon can move to a copy of Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield with or without the Expansion Pass. While it was not shown here, the previous direct also noted that Pokemon caught in the Galar region are also capable of a two-way transfer.

Even though the Expansion Passes have included new species not seen anywhere else, players can opt to do it by trading with others who have the Expansion Pass. Meantime, players who strive to collect the returning species have two options. They can trade with copies that have bought the Expansion Pass or use Pokemon Home. With Pokemon Home, players can once again reunite with some of their cherished Pokemon from previous installments. In addition, players should now legally carry over new Pokemon and Poke Ball combinations such as Pokemon caught in a Safari Ball or Park Ball.

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