Pokemon Sword and Shield - Rock It Out with Gigantamax Toxtricity

The latest Wild Area information has brought yet another new powerful Pokemon. Get ready to encounter the Punk Pokemon, Toxtricity, in its newly discovered Gigantamax form!


A Tale of Two Forms

When searching for Toxtricity, the form you’ll encounter depends on your copy of the game. For Pokemon Sword, you will encounter Toxtricity’s Amped Form, whereas Pokemon Shield players will find Toxtricity’s Low Key Form. You can also opt to seek for hosted battles by other players. When connected to the internet, you can tag along with three other players in an attempt to knock out the form that’s unavailable in your version.

After catching Toxtricity, you can bring it over for some battles against other trainers.

Unleash its G-Max Stun Shock

Whenever Toxtricity moves, toxic sludge seeps out and covers its side. However, when Toxtricity strikes, it produces a giant guitar-like mass of energy that contains enough power to form a large crater on the battlefield. Like other G-Max Pokemon, Gigantamax Toxtricity wouldn’t be complete without showing off its signature move, G-Max Stun Shock. After using its Gigantamax, this special Toxtricity turns its electric moves into a high-powered G-Max move that zaps opponents and then leaves them either poisoned or paralyzed!

Before heading to the dens, make sure to connect online and select update the news to the latest information. Happy hunting!

Gigantamax Toxtricity appears in Max Raid Battles starting on February 6 at 4pm PST and runs until March 8 at 5pm PDT.

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