Pokemon Sword and Shield - Pokemon Live Camera Announced

Information on the first "Pokemon Live Camera," a 24-hour coverage of the forest's life straight from Glimwood Tangle.

The Pokemon Live Camera

According to the official website, “The Pokemon Live Camera,” a teaser for a new area, will be shown on October 4, 2019.

Sonia, a researcher from the Galar region, plans to set up a camera soon in Glimwood Tangle. The forest appears to be dark with multiple mushrooms growing in the area. Sonia wishes to share her recording to trainers all over the world. In return, she hopes that trainers will stop by to watch the video and report any strange findings. Not much is known about the forest other than that it serves as the habitat for never-before-seen Pokemon in Galar.

While the announcement hints at revealing new Pokemon, we’re not sure if it will also mention other mechanics and features.

Coverage on Glimwood Tangle will be live at 6:00 am PDT.

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