Pokemon Sword and Shield - What is Rotomi?

Meet Rotomi, who keeps your Pokemon safe inside the storage boxes. Other than replacing the storage system, Rotomi also offers other services such as the Loto-ID, poke jobs, and card customization.


Functions and improvements

In Galar, Rotom has taken over the PC and became Rotomi. Now, aside from residing in the trainer’s phone, Rotom also replaces the PC’s Pokemon storage system and incorporates even more functions. In previous games, the PC was the trainer’s primary storage system. After collecting a full party of six Pokemon, all other successfully caught species would be sent to one of the boxes in the trainer’s PC.

Unlike the Rotom dex, Rotomi isn’t a traveling companion. The trainer can find Rotomi beside the Nurse inside Galar’s Pokemon Centers. Apart from the storage boxes that could previously be found in PCs installed in other regions, Rotomi is also responsible for other features such as the Loto-ID, a lottery service, Poke Jobs, and the card maker.

This was all shared on Pokemon’s twitter page.


Rotomi takes on the form of a white Rotom with pink spirals. It has turquoise eyes with eyelashes.

Quality of life changes

Poke Jobs

The trainer can have his Pokemon render service to companies in Galar in exchange for training stats or items. Owing to its features, Poke Jobs can be seen as the successor to Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon’s Poke Pelago.

Card Maker

Rotomi also allows the trainer to customize their League card, a personal ID that is similar to the trainer card, through the Card Maker. The “camp like never before” video showed that the trainer can combine a background, effect, and frame when making their card. After finalizing, the card will be flashed before a Linked battle starts.


Another one of Rotomi’s functions is the Loto-ID, which appears to be similar to the Lottery corner in previous games. In other regions, trainers had to visit the Lottery corner to enter a raffle using the digits of their trainer card. The trainer could earn a prize depending on the number of matching digits between the trainer’s ID card and the numbers drawn. We’re still unsure whether the prizes and function for Loto-ID will be exactly the same as the games that it previously appeared in.

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