Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Amiibo Gazebo Rewards

A list of obtainable rewards in amiibo gazebo in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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What is Amiibo Gazebo?

Amiibo Gazebo Rewards List

Amiibo gazebo is a feature that allows you to obtain items by scanning an amiibo figure with your Nintendo Switch. The amiibo gazebo is found in the central garden of the monastery.

Amiibo Gazebo Location

Amiibo Gazebo Rewards

Scanning an amiibo figure once lets you obtain a random reward at the amiibo gazebo. This can be done once a day. Using a Fire Emblem character amiibo allows you to obtain special character phase music that plays during auxiliary battles.

We will update this list when new information comes out.

Amiibo Reward
? Tempest of Seasons Battle Theme
? Dwellings of the Ancient Gods Battle Theme
? The Time to Act Battle Theme
Roy Beneath a New Light (Roy’s Courage) Battle Theme
? Eternal Bond  Battle Theme
? Conquest (Ablaze) Battle Theme
? Alright (Storm) Battle Theme
? A Dark Fall (Fire) Battle Theme
? Destiny (Ablaze) Battle Theme
? Id (Purpose) Battle Theme
? The World Tree Battle Theme
? Fodlan Winds Battle Theme
? Blue Skies and a Battle Theme
Alm March to Deliverance Battle Theme
Celica With Mila’s Divine Protection Battle Theme

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