Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Chapter 2 – Familiar Scenery Story Walkthrough

A story walkthrough for Chapter 2 - Familiar Scenery in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, including a strategy guide for the mission battle Practice Battle.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Chapter 2: Familiar Scenery

Walkthrough #1: Garreg Mach Monastery (Month of Harpstring Moon)

Date Details
5/9 (FRI) Event: Birthday

  • Buy flowers to celebrate Annette’s birthday on 5/9.
5/11 (SAT)  View Calendar

  • Buy or sell items at the Marketplace.
  • Upgrade class of students through Certification.
5/11 (SAT) Check Bulletin Board

  • View pending and new quests. Accept new quests:
    • Leading the Charge (Mission Quest) – Acquire Tactics Primer at Captain Jeralt’s quarters.
    • Troubling Rumors (Timed Quest) – Acquire Dissidents Intel x1 from a female student at the courtyard.
    • Creative Cuisines (Non-timed Quest) – Look for three recipe books at the library.
    • A Passion for Music (Non-timed Quest)
  • Read weekly announcements.
    • New weapons in stock at the armory.
    • New items in stock at the item shop.
5/11 (SAT) Free Exploration

  • Visit the following facilities to obtain quick travel options:
    • Entrance Hall
    • Training Grounds
    • Marketplace
    • Cathedral
  • Talk to the following characters for additional support boost (see Walkthrough Dialogue Choices):
    • Rhea – 2/F Audience Chamber
    • Alois – 1/F Entrance Hall
    • Dorothea – 1/F Dormitory Hall
    • Ferdinand – 1/F Cathedral
    • Bernadetta – 1/F Dormitory Hall
    • Petra – 1/F Dormitory Hall
    • Mercedes – 1/F Cathedral
    • Annette – 1/F Dining Hall
    • Lorenz – 1/F Cathedral
    • Hilda – 1/F Entrance Hall
    • Raphael – 1/F Training Grounds
    • Ignace – 2/F Library

Walkthrough #1 Continued

1 Choose to end the day’s free time.
2 When the guide appears, review all the options marked with the “!”
3 Choose Auto-Instruct.
4 Assign Edelgard and Hubert for a group task on “Stable Duty.”
5 Choose Begin Lecture.
6 Tell Bernadetta “You just did.”
7 Buy flowers to celebrate Raphael’s birthday on 5/18.
8 On the menu, select Battle, then choose Practice Battle.
9 Review all the options marked with “!”
10 Select Fight to begin.

Walkthrough Quest and Obtainable Elements

Item Name Item Rating Location
Tactics Primer 1 Captain Quarters, 2F
Classic Cookbook 1 Library, 2F
Tantalizing Cookbook 1 Library, 2F
Illustrated Cookbook 1 Library, 2F
Dissidents Intel x1 Female Student located at the hallway beside the courtyard between the Officers Academy and Reception Hall.
Insect Larva* 1 Dormitory, 1F
Arcane Crystal* 3 Crate at the Gazeebo beside the Officers Academy.
Albinean Berry Blend* 2 Sandbag at the Gazeebo beside the Officers Academy.

*Item may be subjected to change.

Walkthrough Dialogue Choices

This includes both cutscene and free exploration dialogue. For free exploration dialogue, look for these characters on your map. Talk to them and pick the correct response to obtain additional support boost.

Character Date Type of Dialogue Correct Response
RheaRhea 5/11 Free Exploration 1st Choice: “About the teachings of Seiros…”
Jeritza 5/11 Free Exploration 1st Choice: All choices are +0
Alois 5/11 Free Exploration 1st Choice: “Good luck.”
DorotheaDorothea 5/11 Free Exploration 1st Choice: “Let’s search for it.”
FerdinandFerdinand 5/11 Free Exploration 1st Choice: All choices are +0
2nd Choice: “I look forward to that.” 
BernadettaBernadetta 5/11 Free Exploration 1st Choice: “Hey, what’s this cake doing out here.”
PetraPetra 5/11 Free Exploration 1st Choice: “The Cold.”
MercedesMercedes 5/11 Free Exploration 1st Choice: “That’s Right.”
Annette 5/11 Free Exploration 1st Choice: “Sweet.”
LorenzLorenz 5/11 Free Exploration 1st Choice: “Not Exactly.”
HildaHilda 5/11 Free Exploration 1st Choice: “If you’re busy, never mind.”
RaphaelRaphael 5/11 Free Exploration 1st Choice: “Strength.”
IgnaceIgnace 5/11 Free Exploration 1st Choice: “You can learn so much from books.”

Character List

Walkthrough #2: Zanado, The Red Canyon (Month of Harpstring Moon)

1 On 5/19, either instruct the students manually or automatically.
2 Select “Yes” for a hymn recital.
3 On 5/25, listen to Manuela’s seminar.
4 On 5/27, celebrate Mercedes’ birthday.
5 Listen to the dialogue.
6 On 5/31, deploy for Red Canyon Dominance.
7 When prompted, select “I remember this being a peaceful place.”
8 Listen to the dialogue.

Mission Battle: Red Canyon Dominance

Battle Objectives

Victory Condition Defeat the enemy commander.
Defeat Condition All of your units fall in battle.

Player Units

Ally Unit Battalion Used
BylethByleth None
EdelgardEdelgard None
Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Hubert IconHubert None
Caspar None
Ferdinand None
Bernadetta None
Petra None
Dorothea None
Linhardt None

Enemy Units

Enemy Unit Battalion Used
Kostas ?
Thief Church of Seiros Soldiers

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Large bullion Chest near the ruins in the middle of the area.

Red Canyon Dominance Strategy

1) Place Edelgard and Byleth on the frontlines

Draw your enemies’ attention by having Edelgard or Byleth occupy the red tile closest to the enemy near the bridge. During the enemy phase, they can soak up the damage and take them out quickly.

2) Put ranged units behind your frontlines

Ranged units can deal with surrounding enemies to thin them out. You’ll also obtain support boosts by placing them on adjacent tiles. However, if you need them for the rest of the battle, be sure not to leave them exposed.

3) Crossing thickets

Units with high defense are suitable for taking advantage of thickets to receive added defense. However, if their health falls near half, have other units give them a Vulnerary to restore HP lost.

4) Choose Adjacent Units and Trigger Linked Attacks

Byleth makes great use of Linked Attacks to finish off nearby enemies.

5) Unleash Combat Arts

Don’t be stingy with combat arts in this battle. There are many patrolling thieves closing in, so it’s best to take them out to avoid losing units.

6) Defeating Kostas

Kostas can take a hit or two, so you need to channel everything you’ve got to defeat him. Place ranged units around Kostas and have each of them attack. Then, finish him off with either a ranged or melee unit.

Mission Battle: Practice Battle

Battle Objectives

Victory Condition Rout the enemy.
Defeat Condition All your units fall in battle.

Player Units

Ally Unit Battalion Used
BylethByleth None
EdelgardEdelgard None
Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Hubert IconHubert None
Caspar None
Ferdinand None
Bernadetta None
Petra None
Dorothea None
Linhardt None

Enemy Units

Enemy Unit Battalion Used
Church Soldiers None

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Bullion x1 Drop from enemy

Practice Battle Strategy

1) Moving units

Don’t leave your units exposed to multiple enemies, especially if their defense stat is lackluster. On the contrary, have units like Edelgard and Byleth on the frontlines each turn to sponge the enemy’s attacks. Creep behind enemies by moving across forest tiles to gain some boosts.

2) Place ranged units behind melee ones

Place your bow units or magic units behind your other melee units. In addition, avoid placing them on red tiles or Danger Areas.

List of Different Units

3) Use Combat Arts

When available, make use of your character units’ unique Combat Arts to finish off enemies. Press the ZL or ZR buttons to select the Combat Art. Be aware that using Combat Arts continuously will make the durability of the weapon used decrease.

4) Choose Adjacent Units and Trigger Linked Attacks

Linked Attacks provide additional Avoidance (Avo,) Hit rate, and Might (Mt) to one or more adjacent units. To trigger a linked attack, a player must command a unit to attack an enemy while they are adjacent to an ally. In addition, linked attacks can be activated with either normal attacks and Combat Arts.

A melee unit and a ranged unit would have great synergy through a linked attack due to support boosts as well. For instance, you can place Edelgard on the frontline and have her fellow students occupy the adjacent tiles, including the diagonal tiles. During Edelgard’s turn, she can score a ton of support boosts after performing her attack.

5) Deploy a battalion

Select a unit to use a battalion to deal heavy damage, preferably when engaging enemies that cling together.

Information on Battalions

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