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Infomation about the player's menu in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The menu contains options for Goals, Roster, Inventory, Support, Quests, Storehouse, Save, Guide, Options, and Calendar.

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The menu provides the player access to a list of different options and mechanics in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Main Display (Menu Guide)

The menu can be accessed by pressing the “X” button and takes the form of a pocket diary. The menu also indicates the players’ current chapter. The menu contains the following:

  • Goals – select characters or units to set their goals.
  • Roster – review the character or unit information.
  • Inventory – manage characters or units’ items, abilities, combat arts, and battallions. Also, enables reclassing of a character.
  • Support – select a unit to review support levels.
  • Quests – select quest to review the details.
  • Storehouse – review storehouse items and sell resources.
  • Save – save your game.
  • Guide – view and read important aspects of the game.
  • Options – select and change a current setup from the game.
  • Calendar – review this month’s schedule. Press the “A” button to review events or skip ahead to certain dates.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Goal Display (Menu Guide)

Selecting goals will allow the player to check on his characters or units motivation level and skill level. In addition, pressing on a character will display his/her combat studies. Combat Studies refers to the character’s specific learning path, also called Area of Focus. The player can also change the area focus. By doing so, you can select other weapon or skill proficiencies for that character. This is essential if you already have a class in mind for that character.

Recommended Classes for Each Character


Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Roster Display (Menu Guide)

By checking the roster display, the player can select and review his/her character’s information. If you haven’t selected your house in chapter 1, you’ll be able to view all characters from all the three houses. If you want to view information of the Officers Academy professors, you need to recruit them separately to be a part of your house.

Information on Character Recruitment


Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Inventory Display (Menu Guide)

Checking on the inventory options will let the player access five other categories:

  • Items – manage units’ items.
  • Abilities – manage abilities for units
  • Combat Arts – manage combat arts for all units.
  • Battalions – manage a battallions that units will command.
  • Reclass – change a unit’s current class to another one.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Support Display (Menu Guide)

Viewing support will show the player the current support levels of his/her characters. Support is a mechanic in which units are able to develop bonds with each other. When characters with high support levels are used in battle, they perform better and last longer than lower support level characters. Particularly, they have better stats in terms of more Avoidance (Avo) rate, Hit rate, and in Might (Mt) or Strength. Placing units adjacent to each other and doing monastery activities will help increase support levels.

Information on Support System


Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Quests Display (Menu Guide)

Choosing the quest option will allow the player to view his/her accomplished and pending quests. Accomplished quests will have checkmarks while pending quests have a yellow open scroll icon beside their name.

Quest List


Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Storehouse Display (Menu Guide)

The storehouse is another inventory which contains an assortment of non-usable items or ingredients. Storehouse items are divided into eight types:

  • Gifts – refers to gift items that can be given to other characters. These help increase the support and motivation of characters.
  • Lost Items – refers to favorite items by different characters that are lost within the Garreg Mach Monastery.
  • Bait – refers to bait required for fishing at the monastery’s fishing pond.
  • Seeds – refers to seeds required for gardening at the monastery’s greenhouse.
  • Ore – refers to materials required for forging at the marketplace’s blacksmith.
  • Fish, Produce, and Meat – refers to ingredients required for Cooking Together and Dining Events.
  • Tea – refers to ingredients required for Tea Party events.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Save Display (Menu Guide)

Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ save option features an auto-save function and five save data slots. This gives the player an opportunity to save prior to battles, conducting free day activities, and talking with other characters to gain support boosts.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Guide Display (Menu Guide)

The guide section lists important information for the player. As you progress through the story, more in-game guides will be uncovered.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Option Display (Menu Guide)

The options menu enables the player to adjust the game’s general, battle, and monastery settings.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Calendar Display (Menu Guide)

Viewing the calendar makes the player aware of current and incoming events such as mission story battles, birthdays, and available monastery activities.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Log Display (Menu Guide)

While not present in the actual player’s menu, the log shows Byleth’s previous dialogue. It can be accessed by pressing the ZL button.

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