Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Quest List

A list of all quests in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, including objectives, rewards, and their availability.

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Timed Quests

Quest Giver Objective Reward Availability
A Visit to Jeralt Seteth Visit Jeralt. Within Verdant Rain Moon only (8th month)

Non-timed Quests

Quest Giver Objective Reward Availability
Share a Bite Sylvain Talk to the dining staff and invite someone. Airmid Goby x3, Onion x4, Turnip x4, Renown x300
Find medicinal herbs.
Words of Wisdom Mercedes Talk to the cathedral’s councilor and answer questions in the advice box. Steel Bow x1, Albinean Berries x4, Pond Snail x5, Renown x300
Dedue Investigate Remire village.
Maintaining Your Training Seteth
Tending to the Saints Flayn Pick up the objects in front of the saint statues at the cathedral. Caledonian Crayfish x3, Peach Currant x4, Verona, Renown x300
Adventures in Wood Carving Gilbert Find a book on wood carving techniques for Gilbert. Black-Sand Steel x2, Wootz Steel x1, Goddess Statuette x1, Renown x300

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