Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Seminar List

List of seminars Byleth and the rest of the instructors and students can conduct in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Each seminar has a specific weapon proficiency that it improves.

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List of Seminars

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Seminar List

Holding a seminar is one way to improve the weapon proficiencies of Byleth’s class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Byleth can either pick himself or other instructors to lead seminars. Each seminar has a particular set of weapon proficiencies that are boosted which varies per attendee.

Officers Academy (Pre and Post-time Skip)

Instructor Seminar Description Skill Focus
BylethByleth A seminar on group tactics and Jeralt’s mercenary fighting
  • Sword (A+)
  • Authority (A)
Seteth A seminar on an ancient Fodlan fighting style utilizing lance skills.
  • Lance (A+)
  • Authority (A+)
HannemanHanneman A seminar on both reason and bow skills from an esteemed professor of the monastery and the leading Crest scholar in Fodlan.
  • Reason
  • Bow
ManuelaManuela A seminar on both faith and sword skills from a beloved professor of the monastery and former songstress.
  • Sword
  • Faith
GilbertGilbert A seminar on a fighting style developed by the Knight of Seiros that utilizes lance and axe skills.
  • Lance
  • Axe
Alois Seminar on a fighting style developed by the Knights of Seiros that utilizes axes and gauntlets.
  • Axe
  • Fighting
Catherine A seminar on a fighting style in which practitioners dominate their opponent using improvised sword and melee techniques.
  • Sword (S)
  • Brawl (A)
ShamirShamir A seminar on fighting styles designed for special situations, such as firing a bow from a long distance or battling in the dark.
  • Lance
  • Bow
Flayn A seminar on a fighting style that utilizes lances and white magic while chatting and discovering the folklore of Saint Cethleann.
  • Lance (C+)
  • Faith (S)
Cyril A seminar on a fighting style developed over many years of training that utilizes axes and bows.
  • Axe (A+)
  • Bow (B)

Black Eagles (Post-Time Skip)

Instructor Seminar Description Skill Focus
Ferdinand A seminar of a fighting style using sword and lance skills that all nobles should be adept in.
  • Sword (D)
  • Reason (B+)
DorotheaDorothea A seminar on a fighting style focusing on moving one’s sword with the grace of a dancer and casting magic with the poise of a diva.
  • Sword (A)
  • Reason (A)
LinhardtLinhardt A seminar on the effects of Crest on one’s magic skills, as discovered from personal and independent research.
  • Reason (B+)
  • Faith (A+)
CasparCaspar A seminar on how to win arguments and gain upper hand in one-on-one combat, or how to give it your all on the battlefield
  • Axe (C+)
  • Brawl (S)
PetraPetra A seminar on the daring and resolute sword and axe fighting styles developed on the Brigid archipelago.
  • Sword (A+)
  • Axe (D)

Blue Lions (Post-Time Skip)

Instructor Seminar Description Skill Focus
Felix A seminar on a self-taught fighting style that combines sword and hand-to-hand skills.
  • Sword (B+)
  • Brawl (C+)
Ashe A seminar on a fighting style that makes use of close-range weapons including the mini-bow or axe.
  • Axe (C+)
  • Bow (B+)
Sylvain A seminar on a fighting style that incorporates flashy techniques and evocative poses, and always draws attention.
  • Lance (A)
  • Axe (D+)
Mercedes A seminar on connecting with other people and helping them explore how using magic best suit them personally.
  • Reason (B+)
  • Faith (B+)
Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Ingrid IconIngrid A seminar on a fighting style that will have one standing up enemies as equals, no matter how big or brutish they may be.
  • Sword (B+)
  • Lance (B+)

Golden Deer (Post-Time Skip)

Instructor Seminar Description Skill Focus
ClaudeClaude A seminar on utilizing archery for surprise attacks and raids, an approach cultivated in the Alliance territories.
  • Bow (A+)
  • Authority (A+)
LorenzLorenz A seminar on a fighting style that incorporates and exemplifies the grace, decorum, and strength of nobility.
  • Lance (C)
  • Reason (A)
RaphaelRaphael A seminar on fighting that focuses on dominating the enemy with pure, strong, and well-fed muscle.
  • Axe (A)
  • Brawl (A)
IgnaceIgnace A seminar focusing on honing combat form through repeated motions, as outlined in the assigned textbooks.
  • Sword (C)
  • Bow (A+)
LysitheaLysithea A seminar worthy of a genius that will have participants reconsidering everything they ever thought they knew about magic.
  • Reason (A+)
  • Faith (B+)
MarianneMarianne A seminar on the use of magic as a healing tool and swords as a means of defense.
  • Sword (D+)
  • Faith (A+)
A seminar on a free-form fighting style that encourages participants to swing lances and axes around any way they please.
  • Lance (C+)
  • Axe (A+)
Leonie A seminar on a fighting style that combines bow skills with Jeralt’s personal lance technique.
  • Lance (A+)
  • Bow (D+)

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