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List of different characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This includes the students, academy staff, factions-less, and enemy characters.

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Church of Seiros

Character Description
RheaRhea The current archbishop of the church. She shows motherly care to those faithful to Seiros and unwavering judgement to dissenters.
BylethByleth The player character. A newly-appointed professor at the academy. Has visions of a girl named Sothis who grants him a mysterious power.
ManuelaManuela A former opera singer and one of the professors at the academy. Teaches faith and swordsmanship.
HannemanHanneman A calm and reserved professor who specializes in the study of crests.
Jeritza A fencing instructor at the academy. Mysterious and tends to distance himself from others.
Catherine A member of the Knights of Seiros who wields the legendary weapon Raitei. Teaches swordsmanship and brawling at the academy.
Alois A member of the Knights of Seiros. Is an instructor in axes and brawling at the academy.
Seteth A professor of swordsmanship and authority at the academy. A wyvern rider who pledges complete loyalty to archbishop Rhea.
Flayn Younger sister of Seteth. Often acts impulsively despite being a calm girl.
Tomas Garreg Mach Monastery’s librarian for over 40 years. Unwavering in his devotion to the church.
Gilbert A member of the Knights of Seiros. Polite, serious, and devoted to the church. Teaches lances and axes at the academy.
Shamir A member of the Knights of Seiros. Trains students in bows. Previously a mercenary before meeting archbishop Rhea.
Cyril An orphan rescued from war by archbishop Rhea. Enlists in Shamir’s class to become an archer.

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Black Eagles

Character Description
EdelgardEdelgard Head of the Black Eagles house and a bearer of the minor Crest of Seiros.
HubertHubert A brilliant tactician and Edelgard’s loyal servant.
DorotheaDorothea A former songstress of the Mittlefrank Opera Company.
FerdinandFerdinand Son of Duke Aegir whose family is known to have members serving as prime ministers for the empire.
BernadettaBernadetta An introvert and only daughter of Duke Varley, an influential figure in the empire.
CasparCaspar The second son of Count Velgris, though does not have any dreams of inheriting the throne. An expert in martial arts.
PetraPetra The princess of Brigid islands who ventures out of her homeland to study at the Officer’s Academy. Is still learning Fodlan’s spoken language.
LinhardtLinhardt The son of Count Hevling who has an extreme fascination with crests. Tends to forgo sleep due to being immersed in research.

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Blue Lions

Character Description
DimitriDimitri Prince of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and head of the Blue Lions house. Embraces the knightly virtues, though seemingly troubled by an “inner darkness”.
DedueDedue Dimitri’s loyal servant. A stern warrior from the kingdom’s Daska region.
FelixFelix Childhood friend of Dimitri who refers to him as the “boar.” Specializes in sword duels.
MercedesMercedes A commoner from the kingdom who is rumored to have come from nobility. Is good friends with Annette since their days as students of the kingdom’s Mage Academy.
AsheAshe Adopted son of Lord Lonato, the landlord of the Caspard territory in the Holy Kingdom.
Annette The cheerful and hardworking niece of Baron Dominique. Previously attended the kingdom’s Mage Academy where she met and befriended Mercedes.
SylvainSylvain Son of Duke Gautier who acts as an older brother to students at the academy. Also known to be a ladies man.
Ingrid Lady of House Galatea who dreams of becoming a knight. Childhood friend of Dimitri, Felix, and Sylvain. Is fond of sweets.

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Golden Deer

Character Description
ClaudeClaude Head of the Golden Deer house from the noble line that reigns over the Leicester Alliance. Outwardly carefree but a keen individual.
LorenzLorenz The firstborn son of Duke Gloucester. Constantly tries to charm ladies in the monastery, though he has yet to succeed.
HildaHilda The duke’s daughter who is obsessed with fashion and luxury.
RaphaelRaphael Descended from a merchant family in Leicester. Became an orphan when his parents died in an accident.
LysitheaLysithea Firstborn daughter of Duke Cordelia. Known as the houses’ magical prodigy.
IgnaceIgnace Second son in a wealthy family of merchants. Set his sights on becoming a knight after failing to inherit the family business.
MarianneMarianne The shy adopted daughter of Duke Edmund. Is extremely devoted to the Goddess of Fodlan.
Leonie A hunter’s daughter. Joined Jeralt’s mercenary group as an apprentice.

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Non-Faction Characters

Character Description
SothisSothis A mysterious girl who appears to Byleth in visions. Does not seem to be human.
JeraltJeralt Byleth’s father and former leader of the Knights of Seiros. Said to be the strongest in the elite group. Now a traveling mercenary.
LonatoLonato Ruler of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus’ Gaspard region and adoptive father of Ashe. Rebels against the Church of Seiros who Byleth must put to justice.
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Leads a group of bandits terrorizing Fodlan. His operations are hindered by Byleth and the students of the academy.
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Known as the Liberator King who was defeated by the Church of Seiros a thousand years ago.

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The Nightcrawlers

Character Description
Emperor of FlameFlame Emperor A mysterious figure who shows contempt for the Church of Seiros. Closely watches Byleth after the hero foils one of their plans.
Reaper KnightGrim Reaper Knight Said to roam the halls of Garreg Mach Monastery at night. Identified by his deathly appearance.
Thales Master of Solon and Cronje. He is an important figure within the Nightcrawlers.
Solon An old man marked by his wisdom and cunning. Tells of a “fell stone” possessing great power.
Cronje A merciless female warrior who outwardly shows the innocence of a child.

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