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Basic information on the support system in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Included are the system's mechanics and gaining support boosts.

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What is Support?

The Support System is a mechanic in which units can develop bonds or relationships with each other. This bond lets these units gain stat bonuses whenever they are near each other on the map.

bond support

Having multiple bonds between your units can help overpower enemies.

How Does the Support System Work?

Source: Nintendo YouTube Channel

As shown in the clip above, having allies near the unit you’re controlling increases their Hit Rate and Avoid Rate. You can choose up to three units from whom you receive boosts.

bond support
Moreover, you can look at a unit’s support level list to see which allies give the best bonuses. You can increase two units’ support level by having them regularly help each other in battle.

How to Gain Support Boosts

There are different ways to increase the support level of your characters.

Visit and Talk with Characters during Free Exploration

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Free Exploration Dialogue Choices

During your free exploration, look for the characters around the monastery. Talk to them and pick the correct response to obtain a support boost.

Give Flowers on a Character’s Birthday

Buy flowers to celebrate a characters birthday at a cost of 200 gold, which is a really cheap investment.

Calendar and Birthday Event List

Assign Students to Group Tasks

Support levels can also increase by pairing students up for group tasks. They will also earn experience in certain proficiencies depending on the type of task assigned.

Information on Group Tasks

Cook Together

You can cook a meal together with an ally at the cafeteria to increase support as well. Make sure to have the necessary ingredients to prepare a dish. Temporary stat boosts are also granted to your allies depending on the meal you cook together.

Cooking Together

Sharing Meal with Students, Faculty Members, and Monastery Staff Members

FIre Emblem: Three Houses - Today's Special

Dining with students and other characters increases support levels. Remember to choose a dish that both of your guests like to boost the levels gained.

Dining Guide

Host Tea Parties

You can invite a character to a tea party to increase support levels. It is important to choose a topic that they find interesting to gain significant boosts.

Tea Party Guide

Give Students Gifts

Gifting students items that they love increases support levels. Be sure to familiarize yourself with their preferences to pick out the perfect present for them.

Gift List

Return Lost Belongings

While exploring the monastery, you may pick up lost items on the ground. Returning them to their owners raises support levels as well. Again, you will need to know each character’s personality to return the item to its rightful owner.

Lost Item List

Participate in Choir Practice

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Choir Practice Guide

Support levels are also gained in choir practice. This can only be done once a day, so be sure to include them on your schedule.

Choir Practice Guide

Respond to Personal Notes at the Advice Box

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Advice Box Guide

Apart from participating at the cathedral, the player can also check the advice box to respond to personal notes of students, faculty members, and monastery staff members. Being familiar with their interests, likes, and dislikes will help the player pick the right response.

Advice Box Guide

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