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Basic information on the support system in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Included are the system's mechanics.

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What is a Support?

The Support System is a mechanic in which units can develop bonds or relationships with each other. This bond lets these units gain stat bonuses whenever they are near each other in the map.

bond support

Having multiple bonds between your units can help overpower enemies in the battlefield.

How Does the Support System Work?

Source: Nintendo YouTube Channel

As shown in the clip above, having allies near the unit you’re controlling increases their Hit Rate and Avoid Rate. You can choose up to three units with whom to boost stats.

bond support
Moreover, you can look at a unit’s support level list to see which allies give the best bonuses. You can increase two units’ support level by having them regularly help each other in battle.

Their support levels can also increase by pairing up in group tasks.

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