Fire Emblem: Three Houses - How to Unlock the Dancer Class

Details on how to unlock the dancer class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, including the White Heron Cup, effect, recommended units, ability, and steps on promoting to the dancer.

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Unlocking the Dancer Class

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Dancer Class

The dancer is a hidden class that can be unlocked by winning the White Heron Cup quest.

How to Boost Charm

Having high charm is necessary in order to win the White Heron Cup. You should have enough time to boost your selected student’s charm during the first few months. For starters, you can complete Ferdinand’s quest to unlock the option of hosting a tea party. After unlocking, you can invite them over for some tea for some charm.

Tea Party Overview and Guide Tea Party Topics and Final Answers

Another way to boost their charm is to help them practice for the dance competition.

Activities that Help Increase Charm

Activity Charm
Perfect Tea time +1
Dance Practice +5

Complete the White Heron Cup

The White Heron Cup is a quest that unlocks the dancer class. The chance of winning depends on your Charm (Cha) stat. Make sure to boost your desired unit’s Charm to at least 13 before reaching Ethereal Moon. Prior to the event, talk to Manuela at the greenhouse to obtain some tips on how to win this year’s dance competition. The key to winning the competition is to aim for a charm stat that is higher than the one Manuela mentions. Bear in mind that the competition will be held in the third week of month 12. You can opt to save in advance to be on the safe side.

How to sign up for the competition

1 Speak to Archbishop Rhea.
2 Have one of your students sign up. Note that the class will be unlocked for the participant alone so choose carefully.

Who unlocks the class

The character that completes the quest can change to the Dancer class.

Recommended units

Dancers fare well in combat due to their high speed and magic stats. In addition, they serve as support units to allow a selected ally to move one more time during the player phase.

Below is a list of units that are viable choices for each house. You can also select other students preferably those that are suitable for support.

Character Faction Base Magic (MAG) Stat Base Speed (SPD) Stat Initial Sword Skill Level Initial Authority Skill Level

Black Eagles 12 7

Black Eagles 11 7

Black Eagles 10 7

Blue Lions 10 8

Blue Lions 11 7

Golden Deer 12 7

Golden Deer 11 7

Golden Deer 11 7

Garreg Mach Monastery 9 5

Dancer’s Ability

By dancing, the unit allows its ally to move again during the same turn. If your team lacks firepower or needs to perform another action, you can depend on the dancer’s ability to make up for it.

Promote to the Dancer Class

After winning the dance competition, you may now switch your unit to the dancer class.

1 Go to the inventory menu.
2 Select Reclass and look for the dancer filed under unique class.

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