Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Divine Pulse Guide

A guide on divine pulse in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Included are its mechanics and ways to increase its maximum number of uses.

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What is Divine Pulse?

Fire Emblem Three Houses Divine Pulse

Divine pulse is a special ability that allows the player to rewind actions made in battle. This is especially useful when playing in classic mode where slain characters disappear from the story. You can use the ability up to three times per battle. You can gain additional charges by restoring the saint statues at the cathedral. Divine pulse can then be used up to four times in combat.

Renown List

You can go back to correct any wrong moves from the start of the battle upon activating divine pulse. Since its usage is limited, you should still plan out your strategy carefully. This prevents you from becoming too reliant on the ability.

Divine pulse can be used at any time during your turn.

How to Obtain Divine Pulse

Divine pulse is obtained after clearing Prologue: An Inevitable Encounter during the main story.

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