Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Your Birthday Guide

Details on Your Birthday in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, including your present and recommended date to set your birthday.

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Setting your birthday

Whenever you start a new game, you’ll be asked to select a birthday for Byleth. On your birthday, you will receive a card and a gift from your house leader.

Permanent Events

Birthday present

The name of the gift that your student will bestow on you will depend on the house you choose. However, the gift you’ll obtain from your students will have the same effect when used.

House Sender Gift Effect
Black Eagles Edelgard Black Eagle Pendant Charm +2
Blue Lions Dimitri Blue Lion Brooch
Golden Deer Claude Golden Deer Bracelet

Gift List

When to set your Birthday

Since the birthday present does not greatly influence your performance in combat, there is no clear-cut rule to when it is favorable to set your birthday. However, should you wish to claim it early, you can set it for the eleventh day of the fifth month, called the month of Harpstring Moon.

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