Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Leveling Guide

A guide on leveling in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Included are methods to gain proficiency and skill levels in and out of combat and general tips for efficiently leveling.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

How to Level Characters

Train Specialists, Not Balanced Characters

Decide the Role of Each Character

Fire Emblem Three Houses Leveling Guide

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the unit with specialized roles will be more effective that units trained to be jacks-of-all-trades.

Decide in advance which students should be physical attackers, magic attackers, physical defenders, magic defenders, and healers before going into training.

Improving Proficiencies

Proficiencies vary from student to student. Areas where a student is good at allows them to gain levels quickly. Familiarize yourself with each student’s strengths and weaknesses to know which proficiencies to focus on during instruction.

Train Characters with their Advanced Class in Mind

Fire Emblem Three Houses Leveling Guide

Students need to reach certain levels in various proficiencies to change to advanced classes.

Recommended Classes for Each Character

Trigger Budding Talents

If there are stars next to a student’s proficiency, the proficiency is a budding talent. Upon triggering the budding talent, the proficiency will become one of the student’s strengths. This also allows the student to acquire combat arts related to the proficiency.

Budding talents can be triggered through constant instruction.

Increase Proficiencies and Support Levels at the Monastery

Gain Levels in Proficiency Through Individual Instruction and Classes

Fire Emblem Three Houses Leveling Guide

You can raise the proficiency levels of students through instruction and training. Motivated students are the most efficient to train. When motivation is maxed out, you will be able to have four learning sessions with them. Whenever a student gets perfect, you will be able to teach them again with double experience points.

During individual instruction, you can choose up to two skills for a student to focus on. Note that if you specialize in only one, the student will gain 1.5 times the normal experience points.

Individual Instruction Guide

Raise Support Levels Through Tea Parties and Choir Practice

When support levels are high, the effectiveness of linkage attacks also increases. To achieve a 100% hit rate, a high level of support is required. Be sure to start raising support levels at the start of the game.

Support Level Guide

Tea Party Guide

Choir Practice Guide

Raising Character Levels in Battle

Aim for a Good Distribution of Levels

Fire Emblem Three Houses Leveling Guide

When you choose a house, you will be allied with students of that house until the end. There are a few exceptions related to the story, but this is the general rule.

Make sure to have your students equal chances to earn character levels in battle. Focusing only on a few characters will make you too reliant on them while the rest lags behind. You will have a hard time dealing with stronger enemies once your strong characters have fallen in battle.

Be Careful of Always Taking Out Enemies with “Wall” Units

“Wall” units such as the armored knights will often finish off enemies with a counterattack after sustaining damage. This prevents your backline characters like mages and archers from gaining any significant levels in combat. As a workaround, equip wall characters with low Mt weapons or very heavy ones.

Actively Use Magic

Fire Emblem Three Houses Leveling Guide

Using combat arts and magic adds experience to skills. Unlike combat arts, which deplete weapon durability through use, magic use replenishes after a battle is cleared. This allows you to keep raising skill levels as much as you want.

Magic usage increases with certain class bonuses. For example, a monk gets double the use of magic even though it is a beginner class.

Earning Experience Points with White Magic

You can also earn experience points by healing wounded allies, even a character whose HP has only decreased by one point.

Earn Infinite Experience by Attacking Bosses

You can earn an unlimited amount of experience points by having a boss stand on terrain that recovers HP. Simply attack the boss to gain experience and wait for it to recover HP. This prevents the boss from dying, allowing you to gain experience points indefinitely.

In higher difficulty modes, you will not earn any experience after damaging the boss a certain number of times.

How to Adjust the Experience Gained

You Cannot Adjust the Experience Gained with Divine Pulse

Even if you use divine pulse to return to the point where the battle is about to begin, the experience gained will be the same.

Reset the Game to Change the Experience Gained

If you want to change the experience gained from the battle, reset the game and start the battle from the beginning. Based on the missions encountered, you will earn the most experience in Conclusion of the Crossing Roads.

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