Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Recommended Combat Arts in Cindered Shadows

Details on recommended combat arts in Fire Emblem Three Houses: Cindered Shadows. Included are an overview and list.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Recommended Combat Arts in Cindered Shadows


Combat Arts are powerful skills that can be used in battle. While combat arts are often used as means to nail big damage, they usually come at the cost of spending more weapon durability.

Below is a list of recommended combat arts for the playable characters in Cindered Shadows. Prior to starting the battle, you can opt to modify the equipped combat arts from the Inventory to swap it for a different one.

List of recommended combat arts

Name Class Recommended combat arts

Swordmaster Wrath Strike, Grounder, Bane of Monsters

Fortress Knight Monster Breaker, Helm Splitter, Smash

Paladin Monster Piercer, Knightkneeler, Tempest Lance

Wyvern Rider Curved Shot, Monster Blast

Trickster Wrath Strike, Grounder, Windsweep


Sniper Curved Shot, Deadeye

Warrior Helm Splitter, Spike, Smash

War Monk Fading Blow, Rushing Blow, Draining Blow

Dark Flier
Fire Emblem Three Houses - Hapi
Valkyrie Tempest Lance

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