Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Chapter 11 – Throne of Knowledge Story Walkthrough

A story walkthrough for Chapter 11 - Throne of Knowledge in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, including a strategy guide for the mission battle Conflict in the Holy Tomb.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Chapter 11: Throne of Knowledge


BylethByleth Seteth

Character List

Walkthrough #11:  Garegg Mach Monastery (Month of Pegasus Moon)

1 Watch the cutscene.
2 Listen to the dialogue.
3 Buy flowers to celebrate Hilda’s birthday on 2/3.
4 Buy flowers to celebrate Hanneman’s birthday on 2/8.
5 Have Catherine hold a seminar.
6 On 2/9, instruct your students either manually or automatically.
7 Tell Flayn “You should have an honest talk with your brother.”
8 On 2/15, Rest, Explore, or Battle.
9 Accept the paralogue “An Ocean View” on 2/22.
10 Stockpile on concoctions from the item shop.
11 Complete the paralogue.
12 Listen to the dialogue.
13 Buy flowers to celebrate Lysithea’s birthday on 2/28.

Walkthrough #11:  Conflict in the Holy Tomb (Month of Pegasus Moon)

1 Accept the mission battle.
2 When asked, select “I do.”
3 Listen to the dialogue.

Paralogue Battle: An Ocean View

Battle Objectives

Victory Condition Rout the enemy.
Defeat Condition Seteth or Flayn falls in battle.

Edelgard Story Route Units

Ally Unit Battalion Used
Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Hubert IconHubert

Enemy Units

Enemy Unit Battalion Used
Western Church Soldiers

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Advanced Seal Defeat the priest
Spear of Assal Complete the paralogue
Caduceus Staff Complete the paralogue


1) Use Warp

Infantry units suffer from the terrain by way of a reduced mobility. Have an ally use Warp on one of your well rounded units such as Byleth or Edelgard and place them on faraway tiles. Then, close the distance to knock an enemy out. Make sure that the spot doesn’t draw too much attention, otherwise you’ll risk losing your warped unit.

3) Check Seteth and Flayn’s tiles

While they have high Res, they’re not a one man army. To be on the safe side, don’t leave them open to soaking attacks during the enemy phase. Frequently check their health and don’t hesitate to use a Concoction or heal spells when their health falls near half.

3) Assist your students

Seteth plays a vital role in the expedition since he can follow up with a linked attack. In addition, his move type negates the terrain’s debuff, so he can move back and forth to assist even distant allies. Have a student with high Res draw the attention of a few priests to clear a path. You can then finish off the priests on the edge by having Seteth strike them down.

4) Use Rescue

Have an ally use rescue to warp Byleth to an adjacent tile. It comes in handy when bridging the gap so that Byleth can start attacking Edelgard.

Mission Battle: Conflict in the Holy Tomb

Battle Objectives

Victory Condition Defeat the enemy commander.
Defeat Condition All of your units fall in battle.

Edelgard Story Route Units

Ally Unit Battalion Used
Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Shamir IconShamir  

Enemy Units

Enemy Unit Battalion Used
Imperial Soldier

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Advanced Seal Complete the mission


1) Chase the thieves

After the first turn, enemies will start snagging crest stones from various parts of the map. Those that are able to seize stones will start to retreat afterward. You need to rout them before they escape. Have the students spread out to catch up to them. You can assign half of the students to track them down on either side of the upper area.

2) Defeat the Demonic Beasts

Two monsters guard the south path. Don’t use gambits to avoid drawing unwanted attention. Byleth can initiate by closing in with some sword attacks. Meanwhile you can place the remaining students on the other side to handle the other one.

3) Regroup on the left side

The enemies will flee to the center, but you can draw some of them to the left. Halfway through, Metodey will appear. Byleth can deal the first strike to deal a chunk of damage, and your students can follow through to beat him.

4) Use Rescue

You need to bridge the gap between Byleth and Edelgard to initiate an attack. Have an ally cast Rescue to warp Byleth next to them so that he/she can reach Edelgard.

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