Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Cindered Shadows DLC Chapter 5: Betrayal Story Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough for Chapter 5: Betrayal in Fire Emblem: Three Houses' Cindered Shadows DLC. Included are all obtainable items, enemies, encountered, and side story mission strategy.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Cindered Shadows DLC Chapter 5: Betrayal Walkthrough

Cindered Shadows DLC Chapter 5: Betrayal

Storyline Characters

EdelgardEdelgard LinhardtLinhardt
DimitriDimitri AsheAshe
ClaudeClaude HildaHilda
Fire Emblem Three Houses - YuriYuri Fire Emblem Three Houses - ConstanceConstance
Fire Emblem Three Houses - BalthusBalthus Fire Emblem Three Houses - HapiHapi

Character List


Smithing Stone (x30)

DLC Chapter 5 Storyline Walkthrough

1 Watch the cutscene.
2 Begin the Story Mission Battle Besieged in the Chapel Ruins.

Cindered Shadows DLC Mission Battle 5: Besieged in the Chapel Ruins

The battle begins with Balthus separated from your team.

Have Hapi and Constance move to the east and attack the armored knights to take them out quickly. Have Edelgard and Yuri accompany them by moving through the forest tiles for increased avoidance.

Move Dimitri to the west and defeat the mounted units there.

Have Aelfric move to a forest tile while surrounding him with Byleth, Claude, Hilda, Ashe, and Linhardt. This should keep him from being attacked by two assassins near the armored knights and to allow him to heal nearby allies. Use your units to defeat them before having Byleth advance south. Note the treasure chest to the southeast that contains Silver Sword+.

Move Yuri, Hapi, and Edelgard going southeast toward the chest. Hapi will eventually summon monsters which you should ignore for now.

A sniper will appear in the west near Dimitri. Have Claude take care of it to prevent it from poking your other units.

After using Balthus to take out the monster near him, move him to regroup with Claude in the west.

Afterwards, have Byleth continue moving south with Ashe and Linhardt following behind. Ashe should pick off weakened enemies that Byleth attacks while Linhardt heals Byleth. Finish off any remaining units until only the monster enemies remain.

The monsters can be dealt with using the Combat Arts Bane of Monsters and Monster Breaker. Unload on them with these attacks to take them out as fast as possible. You can have Aelfric and Linhardt follow from behind to heal any injured vanguards.

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