Fire Emblem: Three Houses - How to Obtain Dark Seals

A guide on how to get dark seals in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Included are the story chapters and enemies that they can be obtained from.

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What are Dark Seals?

Dark seals are unique certification exam seals that allow a character to unlock the dark mage class, a powerful offensive spellcaster. A character that changes to dark mage will be able to upgrade to a dark bishop later, an even more powerful version of the class.

How to Get Dark Seals

You can get a dark seal by defeating Death Knight in these particular chapters:

An alternative way of acquiring dark seals is to have a Thief unit and steal the dark seal when the Death Knight is already weak. Note that it is important to have a higher speed stat than Death Knight to be able to steal the dark seal from him first. Otherwise, you will need to take him out. Be warned that Death Knight is a formidable foe with strong melee and magic attacks, so defeating him will be a challenge.

How to Defeat Death Knight

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  1. I’m pretty sure the dark merchant sells dark seals too, but he appears so late after the timeskip that there’s probably no point in getting them.

    An easy way to kill the death knight on maddening at the rite of rebirth is to have a really fast unit with enough hp like a pegasus knight with hp+5 lure him down and tank his hit(you might get crit) and then weaken him down with gambits on your turn until he’s low enough that someone can take him out in one hit like a strong axe user with a steel axe + Helm Splitter or Smash, Lysithea with Luna/Dark Spikes, a strong lance user with Knightkneeler. Dimitri can easily one shot him without relying on gambits to chip his hp if he activates his crest.

    The reason you want to use a pegasus knight is that the death knight will be able to double most if not all of your units, and pegasus knights have the highest base speed for the level you can get them.

  2. The Death Knight appears in Mercedes and Caspar’s post-skip paralogue and you can get a seal from him then as well. (Hint: let Caspar take him out for another special something.)

  3. It’s also possible to steal one from the Death Knight in the Chapter 6 mission. Hard to do but if you steal it, then kill the last enemy excluding the Death Knight, you can manage it. That’s how I did it anyway