Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Cindered Shadows DLC Chapter 2: What Lies Beneath Story Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough for Chapter 2: What Lies Beneath in Fire Emblem: Three Houses' Cindered Shadows DLC. Included are all obtainable items, enemies, encountered, and side story mission strategy.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Cindered Shadows DLC Chapter 2: What Lies Beneath Walkthrough

Cindered Shadows DLC Chapter 2: What Lies Beneath

Storyline Characters

EdelgardEdelgard LinhardtLinhardt
DimitriDimitri AsheAshe
ClaudeClaude HildaHilda
Fire Emblem Three Houses - YuriYuri Fire Emblem Three Houses - ConstanceConstance
Fire Emblem Three Houses - BalthusBalthus Fire Emblem Three Houses - HapiHapi

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Smithing Stone (x30)

DLC Chapter 2 Storyline Walkthrough

1 Watch the cutscene.
2 Explore the Abyss. Take the time to check out the shops if you need to restock on weapons and items. Visit the junk heap to scavenge for weapons as well.
3 Begin Story Mission Battle: Ambush in the Arena.

Cindered Shadows DLC Mission Battle 2: Ambush in the Arena

It is recommended to have your team wield default training weapons to give them good chances of dodging attacks. For the Ashen Wolves, have Yuri and Constance use the training sword, Hapi with training axe, and Balthus with training gauntlets.

You will now be able to use the Ashen Wolves characters in this mission. Note that they will already have unlocked the new classes as well (Yuri is Trickster, Constance is Dark Flier, Balthus is War Monk, and Hapi is Valkyrie). You will not, however, be able to assign their positions before the battle.

For your Byleth’s squad, position Edelgard and Dimitri as vanguards up front. Have Byleth placed behind them and your ranged units at the back. Advance north in this formation but have Edelgard block the stairs to the west. Have you ranged units take the high ground and snipe the enemies below the stairs. Dimitri, Byleth and Hilda should be leading the formation facing north.

For the Ashen Wolves squad, have the group pull back a little ways to the north to avoid getting in range of the enemy Holy Knights. Position your units on Avo tiles as you will now be in ranged of the enemy assassins. After taking out the group of assassins, move the Ashen Wolves formation toward the east while taking out the enemies along the way.

Byleth, Dimitri, and Hilda should advance north after taking out the enemies near the stairs to regroup with the Ashen Wolves. Your ranged units that are still on high ground can poke the Holy Knights below with ranged attacks and combat arts. Edelgard can then finish them off by going down the stairs or use the hand axe if you have it equipped to attack them from afar.

More enemies will appear in the northeastern section. At this time, Dimitri (with Byleth close behind on an Avo tile) should be able to join the Ashen Wolves squad to help them fend off the enemies in the east. Remember to position your Ashen Wolves units on Avo tiles to be able to dodge attacks. Take care of the Armored Knights using Hapi and Constance magic.

Once your ranged units and Edelgard finish off the Holy Knights, have Edelgard advance north from the stairs to regroup with the Ashen Wolves as well.

Use Yuri’s Foul Play to quickly get Byleth close to the Ashen Wolves squad to help clear out remaining enemies. Yuri will be able to move after using it, allowing him to rejoin the merged squad afterwards.

Once there are no more enemies in the east, start moving your units to the center of the map. Occupy the healing, cover, and avo tiles, preferably with Byleth, Dimitri, and Edelgard. You will want Dimitri to lure the enemies in the west while Edelgard attracts the foes in the north. Have mage units follow behind Dimitri to take out the armored units targeting him in the west. Byleth and Balthus can cover Edelgard to take care of the assassins and archer in the north. Have your own archers and Claude finish off any survivors if Byleth, Balthus, and Edelgard do not wipe them out completely.

Mopping up the remaining enemies in the north should be easy from here on. Have Byleth, Edelgard, and Dimitri up front again. With Byleth on an avo tile, he should be able to lure melee enemies to him to take them out.

The last wave of enemies will appear in the southwest. Note that Death Knight will also arrive southeast. You must defeat the remaining enemies before he wreaks havoc unto your squad.

Place Edelgard on a cover tile and have her lure the enemies to her. Have Byleth follow behind to pick off weakened ennemies. Claude and Ashe should be on the back lines to deal with the wyvern rider.

You can use Yuri’s Foul Play to maneuver Dimitri behind the enemy forces to instantly get to the two Holy Knights lined up. Use an assault troop gambit first to lock them in place before taking them out. Clean up the remaining units afterwards to finish the mission.

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