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Details on the bishop class for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Included are their stats and a short description of their specialties.


bishop class

Icon bishop class

The next tier of the priest class which has full proficiency in faith. Bishops harness the power of white magic and use it to aid allies in battle. While their magic might not be as high as that of warlocks, bishops have access to both offense and support spells. This makes them a well rounded class.


HP Strength Defense Skill
Speed Magic Resistance Movement

Bishops are not suited to be in front of the party or out in the open due to their low defense. On the contrary, you need to place them inthe back or in between your offensive units as they shine at channeling support spells. While they also carry offensive spells, bishops are better off using these as a last resort to pick off weakened foes.

Certification Requirement

Specialty Proficiency Level
Faith A


Name Effect
White Magic Use x2 ?
White Magic Recovery +10 ?
Terrain Resistance Unit is immune to terrain damage

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