Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Flayn Tea Party Guide

Tea party guide for Flayn in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Included are the character's recommended tea, best topics, conversations, and favorite gifts.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Flayn Tea Party Guide

Tea Time with Flayn

Flayn is the younger sister of Seteth and a member of the Church of Seiros. Her older brother always looks out for her, though can be a bit overprotective. Although Flayn isn’t a student at the academy, she lives in the monastery. She is a calm girl and tends to act impulsively which troubles her brother. Flayn draws on her faith as a priestess to assist her allies in battle.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Flayn Tea Party Guide

Flayn Character Information

How to Unlock a Tea Time

Accomplish Ferdinand’s quest, Tea for Two, to access tea time events with characters on birthdays and free exploration.

Tea Party Guide

Recommended Tea

Name of Tea Rating
Almond Blend  ★★
Sweet-Apple Blend  ★★
Crescent-Moon Tea ★★★

Impactful Conversations

Possible Topic
  • “A dinner invitation…”
  • “Cats…”
  • “Cooking mishaps…”
  • “Dreamy knights…”
  • “Fish and the sea…”
  • “Gifts you’d like to receive…”
  • “Hopes for your future…”
  • “Likable allies…”
  • “Perfect recipes…”
  • “School days…”
  • “Tell me about yourself…”
  • “The ideal professor…”
  • “The opera…”
  • “Things you find romantic…”
  • “You’re doing great work…”
  • “A word of advice…”
  • “Children at the market…”
  • “Cute monks…”
  • “Favorite sweets…”
  • “Fodlan’s future…”
  • “Guessing someone’s age…”
  • “I heard some gossip…”
  • “Our first meeting…”
  • “Plans for the future…”
  • “Shareable snacks…”
  • “Thanks for everything…”
  • “The ideal relationship…”
  • “The view from the bridge…”
  • “Working together…”
  • “Books you’ve read recently…”
  • “Close calls…”
  • “Dining partners…”
  • “First crushes…”
  • “Gardening mishaps…”
  • “Heart-racing memories…”
  • “I’m counting on you…”
  • “Past laughs…”
  • “Potential training partners…”
  • “Strange fish in the pond…”
  • “The courtyard couple…”
  • “The library’s collection…”
  • “Things that bother you…”
  • “You seem well…”

Final Conversation

Possible Final Conversation
“You are an interesting person, Professor. You do not seem to know much about yourself.”
Answer: Nod Answer: Disagree
“Lively places are my favorite. I like the monastery because there are always so many people bustling about.”
Answer: Nod
“I desire to see the ocean again–it is difficult being so far away from it.”
Answer: Chat Answer: Nod Answer: Disagree
“Have you any idea how many types of fish there are? It is unthinkable–their different sizes, shapes, colors… I find it fascinating!”
Answer: Commend Answer: Blush
“Whenever I look at you, a wave of nostalgia washes over me. I wonder why that is.”
Answer: Sip Tea Answer: Laugh
“I have a fear of sleeping. I worry that I will awake, and everyone I know and love will have vanished.”
Answer: Praise Answer: Disagree
“I was born in Enbarr, though I have lived in remote lands far away, at times…”
Answer: Nod
“You and I are of a rare breed. We should take care of each other.”
Answer: Nod
“Even if I fall asleep, please do not leave my side. Promise you will stay near.”
Answer: Blush Answer: Nod Answer: Laugh

Recommended Gifts

Name of Gift Rating
Tasty Baked Treat  ★
Stylish Hair Clip  ★★
Dapper Handkerchief  ★★
Armored Bear Stuffy  ★★★
Forget-me-nots  ★★★

Gift List and Guide

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