Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Main Game and DLC Side Story Differences

A summary of differences between the main game and Cindered Shadows DLC side story of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Main Game and DLC Differences

Differences between the Main Game and the DLC Side Story

Fire Emblem Cindered Shadows is the upcoming DLC in Fire Emblem Three Houses. Recent trailers and social media pages hinted on many of the upcoming features. Here, we compiled a list of differences between Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ main game and the Cindered Shadows DLC Story. We’ve grouped together the differences based on a specific category which are:

  • Locations
  • Characters
  • Classes
  • Weapons
  • Battles
  • Gameplay Aspects


In the expansion, players explore the uncharted territory known as the Abyss. So far, the only named area is the “Pagan Altar.”


The DLC Wave teased a handful of characters. Among them include Alphard who is a follower of the Church. Alphard was the proponent of what came to be known as the “Ashen Wolves.”

The Ashen Wolves is group which consists of rejects who took refuge in the Abyss. At a glance, they share similarities to Garreg Mach students. The students are Yuri, the Ashen Wolves’ house leader, Constance, a lady with a domineering personality, Balthus, the King of Grappling, and Hapi, who fights for her friends. According to Alphard, these “students” are in need of a professor’s guidance, much like sheep without a shepherd.

DLC Announced


The four characters start off with the traditional Garreg Mach uniform and later on obtain class-specific outfits. In Cindered Shadows, the characters are predisposed to become certain classes. With the recent reveal of preset classes, the currently confirmed ones includes some returning classes from the base game along with entirely different classes.

Based on looks, the pending classes teased in the trailer are likely to be classes from previous Fire Emblem titles. On the surface, these include returning classes like the Trickster from Fire Emblem Fates, the War Monk from Fire Emblem Awakening, the Dark Flier which also debuted in Awakening, and the Valkyrie which premiered all the way back from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. Despite having classes that appear to specialize on melee combat, what’s interesting about them is that the majority can channel magic spells.


Aside from new interactions through the cutscenes, the members of the Ashen Wolves also took part in what appears to be yet another mock battle. Among these, we found Balthus wielding a brand-new pair of gauntlets known as the “Vajra-Mushti”, a hero’s relic.


Battles consist of various skirmishes such as one that takes place in a dungeon and another that occurs on an open field. In addition, a new gimmick such as an unnamed skill, where Yuri used a Swap skill to trade places with Byleth, also appeared in the trailer.

Gameplay Aspects

Many of the gameplay aspects from Three Houses are not going to be in Cindered Shadows. Unlike the base game, the notion of preset classes in the expansion appear to mirror the style of older titles rather than the modern ones. What this means is that in the expansion, players can’t make use of instruct to fine tune the character to satisfy conditions for their desired class. The same goes for skills available to the characters. That being said, having these restrictions surely affects the way players’ approach on the new maps.

DLC Implements Preset Classes and Skills

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