Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Class Combat Arts

Details of each playable class' mastered combat arts in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Classes are organized per required level or tiers.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Class Combat Arts

Mastered Art of each Playable Class

Below is a list of mastered combat art for each playable class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Classes are organized based on tiers.

List of All Playable Classes

Trainee Classes

Name of Class Combat Art Type Effect
Commoner None None None
Noble None None None
Dancer Special Dance Mastered Art When using the Dance ability, grant Dex/Spd/Lck +4 to target ally.

Beginner Classes

Name of Class Combat Art Type Effect
Myrmidon Swap Mastered Art Swaps places with an adjacent ally.
Soldier Reposition Mastered Art Moves adjacent ally to opposite side of unit.
Fighter Shove Mastered Art Pushes an adjacent ally forward one square.
Monk Draw Back Mastered Art Unit moves 1 space away from target ally, who moves to unit’s former position.

Intermediate Classes

Name of Class Combat Art Type Effect
Lord Subdue Mastered Art Leaves the enemy on 1 HP when attacking
Mercenary None None None
Thief None None None
Armored Knight None None None
Cavalier None None None
Brigand None None None
Archer None None None
Brawler None None None
Mage None None None
Dark Mage None None None
Priest None None None
Pegasus Knight Triangle Attack Mastered Art A flurry of attacks the sisters perform in tandem.

Advanced Classes

Name of Class Combat Art Type Effect
Hero None None None
Swordmaster Astra Mastered Art Triggers 5 consecutive hits.
Assassin Assassinate Mastered Art Can kill enemies instantly.
Fortress Knight None None None
Paladin None None None
Warrior None None None
Sniper Hunter’s Volley Mastered Art Triggers 2 consecutive hits.
Grappler Fierce Iron Fist Mastered Art Triggers 3 consecutive hits.
Warlock None None None
Dark Bishop None None None
Bishop None None None
Wyvern Rider None None None

Special Classes

Name of Class Combat Art Type Effect
Trickster Foul Play Mastered Art Unit swaps positions with an ally in range.
Dark Flier None None None
War Monk Pnuema Gale Mastered Art Magic attack.
War Cleric Pnuema Gale Mastered Art Magic attack.
Valkyrie None None None

Master Classes

Name of Class Combat Art Type Effect
Mortal Savant None None None
Great Knight None None None
War Master War Master’s Strike Mastered Art Effective against all foes.
Bow Knight None None None
Dark Knight None None None
Holy Knight None None None
Gremory None None None
Falcon Knight None None None
Wyvern Lord None None None

Unique Classes

Name of Class Combat Art Type Effect
Armored Lord None None None
High Lord None None None
Wyvern Master None None None
Emperor Flickering Flower Mastered Art Prevents foe from moving for 1 turn.
Great Lord Paraselene Mastered Art Avoid +10, after combat, user moves 1 space backwards.
Barbarossa Wind God Mastered Art Increased range.
Enlightened One None None None
Death Knight None None None

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