Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Post-Time Skip Level Increase

The time skip is an event that occurs in chapter 10 that alters a number of events. One things that happens is various level boosts for the characters.


The time skip is an event that occurs on the Lone Moon’s 31st day. It offers a number of changes that affect the story and the player’s progress. Among them is a number of level increases, which is often overlooked. We give a list of students and faculty members to show the corresponding levels that they gain after the time skip.

According to a post on Serenes, each student receives a certain number of levels after the time skip occurs. At a glance, the list shows that a majority of students that gained the most levels were those that did the most work. Conversely, other students, such as those that are proficient in faith and those that are shown to dislike work gained the fewest number of levels. This probably happened due in part to their minimum exposure to combat. Meanwhile, among the four groups, the faculty members and knights gained the fewest number of levels on average. Note that the list only shows the levels gained for characters that weren’t recruited again. With that being said, if you re-recruited someone to your house, the levels they gained may differ from the ones shown below.

Black Eagles

Unit Levels gained
Edelgard 2
Hubert 2
Ferdinand 3
Dorothea 2
Bernadetta 0
Caspar 3
Petra 3
Linhardt 1
Total 16
Average 2

Blue Lions

Unit Levels gained
Dimitri 3
Dedue 4
Felix 3
Ashe 2
Mercedes 1
Annette 3
Sylvain 2
Ingrid 2
Total 20
Average 2.5

Golden Deer

Unit Levels gained
Claude 2
Lorenz 2
Hilda 1
Raphael 2
Ignatz 2
Marianne 1
Lysithea 3
Leonie 3
Total 16
Average 2

Faculty and Knights

Unit Levels gained
Seteth 1
Flayn 0
Catherine 1
Shamir 1
Hanneman 1
Manuela 1
Cyril 3
Byleth 0
Total 8
Average 1

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