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Details on the Hero class for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Included are stats and a short description of its specialties.


hero class

Icon hero class

The Hero is an advanced class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. A character must be Level 20 or higher in order to access the advanced classes.

As an upgraded version of the mercenary, the hero further improves the class’ excellent strength and speed. This allows the unit to dodge attacks easily and deal considerable counterattack damage. Only males can become heroes, despite the game allowing female units to become mercenaries.


HP Strength Defense Skill
Speed Magic Resistance Movement

As previously stated, heroes are experts in dealing heavy damage while also being able to strike first or avoid attacks. They also have excellent resistance, which makes them much tougher to beat using magic. This sets them apart from most sword or axe-based classes. All in all, the hero is a well-balanced class whose only weakness is its lack of movement.

Certification Requirement

Specialty Proficiency Level
Sword B or higher
Axe C or higher


Name Effect
Vantage Attack first when HP is under 50%
Swordfaire If a sword is equipped, the unit gets +5 strength

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