Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Chapter 18 – To the End of a Dream Story Walkthrough

A story walkthrough for Chapter 18: To the End of a Dream in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, including a strategy guide for the mission battle, The Fight for Fhirdiad.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Chapter 18: To the End of the Dream Story Walkthrough

Walkthrough: Imperial Army Provisional Camp (Month of Great Tree Moon)

Date Details

  • Edelgard talks to her uncle, Lord Arundel.
  • Edelgard talks with Byleth afterward about his decision to side with her and the Black Eagle Strike Force.
  • Edelgard giving a chance to Rhea to surrender before the battle.
  • Rhea orders Catherine to burn down the kingdom capital.
  • Edelgard launches the attack.
Dialogue Choices – Whole Chapter 

  • None
Free Exploration

  • None
Mission Battle: 

  • Mission battle automatically starts.

Mission Battle: The Fight for Fhirdiad

Victory Condition Defeat the enemy commander
Defeat Condition All of your units fall in battle.

Player: 10 Units

Player Unit Recommended Class
BylethByleth Enlightened One
EdelgardEdelgard Emperor
Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Hubert IconHubert Dark Bishop / Dark Knight
Caspar Wyvern Rider / War Master
Ferdinand PaladinGreat Knight
Bernadetta SniperBow Knight
Petra Mortal Savant
Dorothea WarlockGremory
Linhardt BishopHoly Knight
Extra Character Unit Gremory /Falcon Knight / Wyvern Lord

Recommended Class for Each Character

Enemy: 42 Units

Enemy Unit Class Used
Cyril Wyvern Rider
Gilbert Fortress Knight
AsheAshe Sniper
Annette Bishop
Kingdom Soldier Paladin
Kingdom Soldier Armored Knight
Kingdom Soldier Pegasus Knight
Church Soldier Sniper
Church Soldier Bishop
Church Soldier Mercenary

The Fight for Fhirdiad Strategy

1) Start your Siege at the Right Flank

The whole battlefield is covered with enemy ground-based units and golems. However, the right flank is less of a challenge for your allies, with the exception of the bonfire tiles. Move all of your units to that area and group them together. It will take time for the enemy ground units from the left flank to catch up on you. Put your flier and mounted melee units on the frontlines while you move forward.

Information on Classes

2) Avoid Placing Units on Bonfire Tiles Except for Fliers

While moving throughout the battlefield, avoid placing your ground-based units on bonfire tiles. Fliers are not affected but use them to break down blocked tiles for your other units to be placed on.

Information on Terrain

3) Place Lower Health Units on Healing Tiles

Healing tiles are very essential to sustaining the health of your initiating melee units. However, you need to take down character units such as Catherine, Ashe, Gilbert, and Cyril to secure a healing tile. You can also place your bow, magic, and healing units on them after they are secured.

4) Be Wary of Enemy Reinforcements

A number of enemy pegasus knights will come out from the back to eliminate your bow, magic, and healer units. Make sure your units are placed on safe areas, particularly on the corner tiles to avoid getting in range of the enemy. You can also assign a heavily armored unit like Edelgard, as an Emperor class, to stand with them. Unlike other exclusive classes, Edelgard’s Emperor class has the shortest movement range and can deal heavy damage when enemies get in range.

5) Make Sure Your Healing Units have Physic

Physic is a healing spell that covers a long range. Make sure your gremory, dark knight, and holy knight units have access to this spell to sustain the HP of all your attacking units.

Information on Magic Spells

6) Use Battalions with Blaze Gambits

Taking down golems and enemy character units is not easy unless your unit’s battalion has a Blaze gambit. Use Blaze to throw a flaming cart at your enemies to deal heavy damage or to finish them off quickly. Equipping your melee units with battalions capable of using Blaze is highly encouraged.

Information on Battalions

7) Defeat Character Units to Obtain their Hero Relic

Enemy character units like Catherine have their hero relic weapons equipped in battle. Defeat them in order to acquire their hero relic weapons and pass them to units who get the most of its unique effects.

8) Defeating Rhea, the Immaculate One

Once you have secured the left flank, lead your units toward Rhea. However, make sure that your units are spread around her to minimize the damage scale of her ranged ability, Aurora Breath. You can place flier units on castle tiles which north of her. Then, place Byleth, Edelgard, and your other melee units east and south of her.

At this point, other character units like Cyril, Annette, Ashe, and Gilbert will come from the west and south to aid her. Don’t let them get near Rhea and defeat them immediately. Since you have access to Physic spells, you won’t have to worry about your attacking units’ HP. Once all character units are eliminated, take down Rhea. In her dragon form, Rhea has nine yellow tiles needed to be broken and she has a starting 77 HP. Surround the dragon from all angles with ranged and magic units behind melee units at least two tiles away to avoid another Aurora Breath. Take advantage of linked attacks and use Blaze Gambits to defeat the dragon.

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