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Basic information on group tasks in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Included are the types of group tasks and what skills they enhance.

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What are Group Tasks?

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Group Task

The player can assign two students to take on group tasks to increase their skill and support levels. This is killing two birds with one stone when training characters and makes training characters much faster.

Before sending a pair out on the task, you must first consider the two characters’ compatibility with one another. Their individual strengths and weaknesses will also affect the task’s outcome.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Group Task

Group tasks’ results are rated similarly to individual mentoring, with grades of perfect, great, good, and bad. The better the outcome, the more experience gained. You will also earn money and items depending on the result of the group task.

Types of Group Tasks

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Group Task

Pairs can work on stable duty, weeding, or sky watch. The first improves horsemanship, the second improves heavy armor, and the last enhances flying skills.

It is likely that there are other group tasks besides those mentioned. We will update this article when new information is released.

Group tasks are good for increasing the support level of two characters. When two characters have a strong bond, they will get a boost in hit rate and evasion when fighting near each other.

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