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Basic information on tutoring in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Included are its mechanics and how students can set their own goals for studying.

Tutoring Students

As students are tutored, their Professor Level will increase based on their test results. The Professor Level is used to determine how fit they are in handling stronger weapons in battle. If you want a unit to be better with a weapon, you can set up a tutoring session that specializes in that weapon.


There are four possible results for the test: Perfect, Great, Good, and Bad. These results are determined by how adept they are with the weapon they are studying. For example, if a unit who specializes in axes is tutored in bows, he or she may not score well in the test.

However, if they have a low score, you can talk to them one-on-one to boost their motivation in studying.

Tutoring Strengths and Weaknesses

Independent Training


Aside from tutoring, you can have students study for themselves by setting goals each week. The students can make their own goals, but Blyeth can disapprove them in the end.

Passing certification exams and increasing units’ Professor Level allows them to change classes depending on what they’ve learned.

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