Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Chapter 16 – Lady of Deceit Story Walkthrough

A story walkthrough for Chapter 16 - Lady of Deceit in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, including a strategy guide for the mission battle The Siege of Arianrhod.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Chapter 16: Lady of Deceit


BylethByleth EdelgardEdelgard

Character List

Walkthrough: Meeting Room (Month of Lone Moon)

1 Listen to the conversation.
2 Participate in Saint Indech Day by singing a hymn to raise support with two characters.
3 Change Edelgard to emperor class after obtaining the twin-headed eagle heavy armor.

Walkthrough: Arianrhod Administrative Office (Month of Lone Moon)

1 Listen to the conversation.

Walkthrough: Magdred Way (Month of Lone Moon)

1 Listen to the conversation.
2 Begin The Siege of Arianrhod.

Mission Battle: The Siege of Arianrhod

Battle Objectives

Victory Condition Defeat all enemy commanders.
Defeat Condition All your units fall in battle.

Edelgard Story Route Units

Player Unit Battalion Used

Enemy Units

Enemy Unit Battalion Used
Kingdom Soldiers

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Speedwing Chest near the east gate

The Siege of Arianrhod

1) Assign a main team to storm the front gate

Have Byleth, Edelgard, Hubert, Dorothea, and Ferdinand storm the front gate with Byleth in the lead. Position Dorothea and Hubert at just before the bridge and bombard Rodrigue to lower his HP. Have Ferdinand finish him off before turning your attention to Felix.

It is not advised to take on Felix head-on. As with Rodrigue, unload on him with spells to cut his HP to about half before finishing him off.

Enemies in the east can be dealt with fairly easily with dark knight units. Wyvern lords are great for allowing you to initiate the combat quickly. These units also have a good amount of evasion on their own, so use them to pick off enemies that might come to Felix’s aid.

After getting through the front gate, have your main team turn west. Gwendal will be blocking your path, so pepper him with magic before finishing him off with melee attacks. Be careful not to place your spellcasters to close to him as he can attack from afar. Have Ferdinand or Byleth approach him to distract him before unloading on him with spells.

2) Regroup before approaching the titanus

You will need as much increase in avoidance as you can when facing the titanus. Take out any enemies along the way with magic before moving the rest of the team towards your main group before advancing to meet the titanus.

As you get the titanus’ attention, have Edelgard use an offensive gambit like assault troop or raging flames to lower its HP. This will likely stun titanus, allowing your melee units to attack it to take out its HP bars. Use Hubert and cast miasma to stack even more damage on to burst it down.

3) Taking out Ingrid

Ingrid is a very powerful flying unit with high evasion. Approach the stairs leading to her as a team and have ranged characters whittle down her HP. You must then finish her off, though expect to sustain heavy damage if you do not have enough allies gathered nearby.

It is incredible risky to go for the chest near the east gate simply because of Ingrid’s mobility as a falcon knight. Head for it only after you have defeated Ingrid.

4) Disable the traps

Once Ingrid has been dealt with, disable the traps using a ranged character by using the lever east of the stairs. The character that disabled the traps will likely catch the attention of the group of enemies in the center, many of them mages. Have your unit counterattack and defeat the first mage that comes at you before catching up with the main team.

It is not recommended to take on the enemies in the center since you will likely be using up weapon durability and magic. You will also be in range of Cornelia’s spells if you wander too far in the center of the upper area.

5) Approaching Cornelia

Take the stairs past Ingrid and regroup before making for the stairs before Cornelia. Clear a path for Byleth by taking out the enemy mage next to Cornelia with a wyvern lord or falcon knight. Once Cornelia’s flank is vulnerable, defeat her with combat arts.

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