Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Unlocking the Abyss and the Ashen Wolves in the Main Game

Information on how to make Abyss accessible and the Ashen Wolves characters available in the main story of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Unlocking the Abyss and the Ashen Wolves in the Main Game

How to Open Abyss and Make the Ashen Wolves Available in the Main Story

The Abyss and the Ashen Wolves are part of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ expansion pass wave 4 content. In order to access them, you to purchase the expansion pass first and update your game.

More information is written through this guide:

Playing the Cindered Shadow DLC Side Story

Unlocking the Abyss

After finishing the first chapter of the DLC Side Story, you can switch back your main story files to access the Abyss. This means the player is not required to finish the whole side story in order to unlock the hidden town.

Fire Emblem Three Houses - Abyss NPC

To enter the Abyss, the player needs to find the “Shifty Merchant” NPC located within Garreg Mach Monastery. The NPC is located at a narrow corner between Byleth’s personal quarters and the Sauna.

However, to fully maximize the experience of the new content added to the main game, we suggest finishing the DLC side story first.

Cindered Shadows DLC Storyline Walkthroughs

Exploring Abyss

Inside Abyss, there’s a whole new area for Byleth to explore. This includes the Ashen Wolves classroom and its students.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Exploring Abyss

Also, the new areas and facilities that you can visit while at Abyss are the Pagan Altar, Wayseer, Mysterious Teacher, and the Scrap Heap.

Abyss Facilities and Services Abyss Map and Facility Locations

Unlocking the Ashen Wolves Students

Apart from gaining access to the Abyss, you also have the chance of interacting with the Ashen Wolves students.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Ashen Wolves

They can be visited once chapter one of Cindered Shadows is finished. Same with the other students, they also have their post-time skip versions. Make to recruit them prior to the post-time skip of your chosen main story route.

Information about the Ashen Wolves

Effectively Recruiting the Ashen Wolves

An effective way of recruiting the Ashen Wolves is by finishing the Cindered Shadows DLC Side Story completely.

After finishing the side story, open your main story file and visit the Abyss. Look for the Ashen Wolves and pick the “Recruit” option. After recruiting, each Ashen Wolf student has an Abyss Exam Pass in their respective inventories. The exam pass is not locked to them and it can be used to promote your students from other houses to the new special classes.

Abyss Exam Pass Information on New Classes

Tutoring with the Ashen Wolves

Once you recruited a certain Ashen Wolves student, he/she still needs to undergo Byleth’s instruction.

Fire Emblem Three Houses - Tutoring with Constance

Take note of their tutorial strengths of weakness in order to promote Constance and the rest of the Ashen Wolves to other classes.

All Character Tutorial Strengths and Weaknesses

Free Day Activities with the Ashen Wolves

As recruited students, the Ashen Wolves can also be a part of the academy’s free day activities. Among which are tea party events, choir practice, and dining.

Information on Free Day Activities

Tea Party Events

Fire Emblem Three Houses - Yuri Tea Party

We can see Yuri engaging in a tea party event with the professor. Still, the same tea party mechanic applies to them. Also, Archbishop Rhea can be invited for a Tea Party Event

All Tea Party Guides

Choir Practice

Fire Emblem Three Houses - Choir Practice with Balthus and Claude

Here we have Balthus and Claude together at Choir Practice. Fire Emblem Japan shared that he came from the alliance and so he might have a support level with Claude. If Balthus is proficient with Faith, undergoing this activity will be helpful.

Information on Choir Practice

Dining Events

Fire Emblem Three Houses - Dining with Hapi and Sylvain

Lastly, we have Hapi dining with Sylvain. Hapi is described as a passive girl who doesn’t hide her apathy and so Sylvain’s moves might not work to her in the story.

Information on Dining

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    • Hello! If you’re currently playing the Cindered Shadows DLC Side Story, the Wayseer NPC will not be there.

      You can only access it in the main game by talking to the Influencer NPC. Spend 4,000 renown points to enable the Wayseer NPC. Remember that it is only accessible during post-time skip.

    • Hello! As far as we know, there are support relationships between the Ashen Wolves students. When it comes to actual A-supports, we don’t have any information regarding that.

  1. The “new motivation gauge” isn’t new. Thats what the Japanese motivation gauge for happy all ways looked like. It was changed in the NA version to an orange smilley.