Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Petra Character Information

Character information for Petra, one of the protagonists of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Included is her background.

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Petra Tea Party Guide

Petra Macneary

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Petra

Petra of the Black Eagles is the princess of western Fodlan’s Brigid islands. She ventured out of her home to study at the Officer’s Academy to show her allegiance to the empire. She is not very familiar with Fodlan’s spoken language, though is eager to learn.

Petra is voiced by Shizuka Ishibe (JP).

Character Information

Starting Class Commoner
Starting Weapon Iron Sword
Starting Magic
Starting Abilities Sword Prowess Lv 2
Axe Prowess Lv 1
Bow Prowess Lv 1
Combat Arts Wrath Strike, Smash, Tempest Lance
Strengths Swords, Axes, Bows, Flying
Weaknesses Reason, Faith
Crest None
Favorite Meal Beast Meat Teppanyaki, Pickled Rabbit Skewers, Daphnel Stew, Grilled Herring, Spicy Fish and Turnip Stew
Interests Hunting and Hide Tanning, Studying
Likes Swimming in the Ocean, Sunshine, Climbing Trees, Family, her Homeland
Dislikes Mathematics, Idleness, Discrimination
Birthday 9/7



HP Str Mag Dex Spd Lck Def Res Cha
25 9 3 7 10 7 5 2 6


HP Str Mag Dex Spd Lck Def Res Cha
83 59 36 69 85 63 52 35 63

All Characters’ Initial Battle Data and Base Stat List

Starting Skills

Skill Level
Swords D+
Lances (Budding Talent) E
Axes E+
Bows E+
Brawling E
Reason E
Faith E
Authority E
Heavy Armor E
Riding E
Flying D

Learned Spells

Name Requirement
Wind Reason (D)
Heal Faith (D)
Nosferatu Faith (D+)
Sagittae Reason (C)
Restore Faith (C)

Personal Ability

Name Effect
Hunter’s Boon Grants Crit +20 when foe’s HP is ≤ 50%.

Personal Ability List

Recommended Classes

Level Class Key Skills
Beginner Myrmidon Sword: D or higher
Soldier Lance: D or higher
Intermediate Mercenary Sword: C or higher
Axe: D or higher
Pegasus Knight Lance: C or higher
Flying: D or higher
Sword: D or higher
Advanced Assassin Sword: B or higher
Bow: C or higher
Swordmaster Sword: A or higher
Master Mortal Savant Sword: A or higher.
Reason: B+ or higher.
Falcon Knight Sword: C or higher.
Lance: A or higher.
Flying: B+ or higher.

All Characters’ Recommended Class List

Tea Party Guide

Sample Topics Sample Final Conversations
  • “A place you’d like to visit…”
  • “A word of advice…”
  • “Guessing someone’s age…”
  • “Exploring the monastery…”
  • “Overcoming weaknesses…”
  • “Strange fish in the pond…”
  • “Swimming in the ocean…”
  • “The view from the bridge…”
  • “The last battle…”
  • “You’re doing great work…”
“The ocean is far from Garreg Mach… I am feeling a bit lonely at times.”→ Answer: Sigh / Praise
“Next I will be studying, training, researching, sparring… I am having a lot to do!”→ Answer: Admonish / Praise

Petra Tea Party Guide

Lost Items

Lost Item Description
Exotic Feather A decorative feather from a rare bird found in Brigid. It probably belongs to someone who used to live there.
Small Tanned Hide A small animal’s hide which has been meticulously tanned. It probably belongs to a skilled hunter.
Annotated Dictionary A dictionary of a foreign language with translations. It probably belongs to someone from afar.

Lost Item List

Favorite and Disliked Gifts

Gift Name Type of Gift Grade How to Acquire Description
Smoked Meat Favorite Buy from Merchant (100 gold) Meat prepared in the monastery’s smoker. The type of meat is unclear, but a meat lover would appreciate it.
Hunting Dagger Favorite ★★ Buy from Merchant (300 gold) A tool used for processing a catch after a hunt. Appreciated by those who enjoy hunting.
Sunflower Favorite ★★★ Harvest from Gardening Grown sometimes in Fodlan. Appreciated by those who like flowers
Exotic Spices Favorite ★★★★ Buy from Merchant (1,000 gold) Spices from a land to the east of Almyra. Appreciated by those who enjoy traveling or cooking.
Fire Amulet Favorite Coming Soon A handy charm that came from somewhere far away. Someone from a foreign land might want this.
Arithmetic Textbook Disliked ★★★ Buy from Dark Merchant (500 gold) A textbook for studying arithmetic with everyday examples of its use. Appreciated by those who enjoy studying.
Book of Crest Designs Disliked ★★★★ Buy from Dark Merchant (1,000 gold) A book containing the designs of 21 identified Crests. Appreciated by those who enjoy studying Crests.

Favorite Gift List

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