Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Permanent Events

A list of permanent events and decisions in Fire Emblem Three Houses. Read these before starting your first playthrough to get a grasp on their effects.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Irreplaceable Elements in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

As a novice professor, you are bound to make decisions which influence the majority of Three Houses’ minor story trajectory or overall progression. Permanent events are one time choices that can’t be taken back in the playthrough. Although some choices are a matter of preference, others play a vital role upon reaching milestones in the story.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Byleth's Gender

When starting a new game, you are prompted to select your gender. You can select between a male or female avatar. After finalizing your gender, you can’t go back to change it again.

Name and Birthday

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Byleth's Birthday

Similar to your gender, you can customize your character’s name and birthday. Byleth is the character’s default name, but don’t let that deter you from assigning one that better fits your preference. After setting your name and birthday, you can’t change it. Similar to other characters in the story, there will be a special event held when the day falls on your birthday.

Player’s Chosen House

Black Eagles

One of the new features in Three Houses is the choice of which house you’ll represent. There are three houses to choose from, each of them offering a unique selection of students and faculty. You can view the characters of each house to aid in your selection. However, after meeting certain conditions, you’ll be able to recruit other characters from other houses. Bear in mind that some units cannot be obtained at all.

Story Routes

Permadeath in Classic Mode

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Game Modes

Other than the difficulty setting, you’ll be asked to select one of two game modes. In Classic Mode, there is little room for error since if one of your characters die during the battle, you’ll lose them for the entire game.

Game Modes

Special Events

As a professor, you have a finite amount of activity points to spend during your free time. You can allocate some points to sit down and share a meal with your invited student and/or fellow faculty member. When starting out, you’ll only have a few activity points to spend, so choose wisely.

Professor Levels

Tutoring Levels

You can’t reallocate the levels gained by your students after a tutoring session. Plan carefully since it’s imperative to choose stats that will be beneficial in later encounters.


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