Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Fishing Guide

A guide on fishing in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Included are its basic mechanics and a list of fish that can be caught.

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Fishing on Free Days

Fire Emblem Three Houses Fishing Guide

You can go fishing on free days to catch fish used in various dishes at the canteen. Fish can also be sold for gold at the shop. Head to the fish pond and talk to the fishkeeper to start fishing.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Fish Pond Location

How to Fish

Before casting your line, you need to select some bait. This can bought at shops or obtained as rewards from quests. Note that fish are attracted to various kinds of bait. Try to stock up on as many different kinds as possible.

After choosing your bait, cast your line and wait. When a fish bites, press the A button to time your tug on the rod with the circular pattern on the screen. If done right, the fish will lose a portion of its stamina. You will lose some of your own if you do not properly time your tug. The fish will be caught once its stamina has been completely depleted but will escape if you wear yourself out.

While trying to reel in a fish, you can check its color. A red shadow signifies a big fish, meanwhile a blue shadow indicates a small one. You can also find a glimmering fish shadow, however we currently don’t know if it appears solely with Grade 5 bait.

Fish List

Different kinds of fish can be caught depending on the date. Make sure to check your calendar for any reports of rare fish in the pond.

Fish Grade Appearance Bait Selling Price (G)
Salmon 10
Teutates Pike 4 Insect Larva 50
Albinean Herring 2 10
Airmid Goby 1 Insect Larva 1
Caledonian Crayfish
Caledonian Gar 3 20
Carassius 1 Flayn’s Bait 0
Platinum Fish 5 Herring Bait 1,000
White Trout 2 10
Teutates Loach 2 10

Bait List

Bait Grade How to Obtain Fish Attracted Selling Price (G)
Insect Larva 1 Common
Pond Snail 2 Uncommon
Blowfly 4 8
Herring Bait 5
Flayn’s Bait 1 Common

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