Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Item List

A list of items found in Fire Emblem: Three Houses which includes their use, price, location, and effect.

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Items are consumables that are stored in the character’s inventory. Similar to a weapon’s durability, some items can be used a number of times. Below is a list of items divided by type.

Currently, most of the values for each item were taken from previous games. We will update this list once Fire Emblem: Three Houses releases on July 26, 2019.



Name Uses Price (G) Effect
Vulnerary 3 300* Restores 10 HP
Concoction 3 600* Restores 20 HP
Elixir 3 900* Restores 99 HP
Antitoxin 3 450* Cures poison from unit

Stat Boosting

Name Uses Price (G) Effect
Pure Water 3 Temporarily raises the unit’s res by 7. With each passing turn, its effect decreases.
Seraph Robe 1 Permanently raises maximum HP by 5.
Energy Drop 1 Permanently raises Strength by 2.
Spirit Dust 1 Permanently raises Magic by 2.
Secret Book 1 Permanently raises Dexterity by 2.
Speedwing 1 Permanently raises Speed by 2.
Goddess Icon 1 Permanently raises Luck by 4.
Giant Shell 1 Permanently raises Defense by 2.
Talisman 1 Permanently raises Resistance by 2.
Black Pearl 1 Permanently raises Charm by 2.
Shoes of the Wind 1 Permanently raises Movement by 1.


Name Uses Price (G) Effect
Torch 3 500* Raises visibility in areas with Fog of War
Door Key 1 300* Allows the bearer to unlock a door.
Chest Key 1 300* Allows the bearer to unlock a chest.
Master Key 3 500* Allows the bearer to unlock a door or chest.

Certificate Exam

Name Uses Price (G) Effect
Intermediate Seal 1 Grants unit access to the intermediate class exam.
Advanced Seal 1 Grants unit access to the advanced class exam.
Master Seal 1 Grants unit access to the master class exam.

Valuable items

Name Uses Price (G) Effect
Bullion 1,000 Can be sold to shops.
Large Bullion 5,000 Can be sold to shops.
Extra Large Bullion 10,000 Can be sold to shops.

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