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Details on Renown in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Included are an overview and list of statues.

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Renown gauges your fame. To earn renown, you need to finish skirmishes or quests. When you accumulate enough renown, you can spend it to gradually restore a saint statue at the cathedral. Talk to the saint statue artisan on Verdant Rain Moon (8th month) to begin restoring a statue.
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Each statue grants a variety of effects, including boosting weapon proficiency, experience gain, stats, and even divine pulse charges. Visit the cathedral and pray at one of the four statues to gain their special effects. Although you can’t collect all bonuses in one run, you can continue from where you left off in new game plus. When you start a file with new game plus, your progress from the previous file will remain as well as your unspent renown.

Saint Cethlenn

A statue of Saint Cethlenn, one of the Four Saints. It is said that she was a beautiful and kind soul who was beloved by all for her empathy and her ability to heal severe wounds. She is the daughter of Saint Cichol.

The Cethlenn statue carries a lance. It offers mostly lance and faith boosts.

Stat Required Renown
Lance +1 200
Faith +1 500
Experience +5% 1000
Class Master +1 2000
Divine Pulse +1 3000
Lance +2 4000
Faith +2 5000
Experience +10% 7500
Luck and Charm cap +5 10000

Saint Cichol

A statue of Saint Cichol, one of the Four Saints. It is said that he was a compassionate yet stern figure whose faith was so true he was able to perform miracles. He is the father of Saint Cethlenn.

The Cichol statue holds an axe. It generally covers axe and authority.

Stat Required Renown
Axe +1 200
Authority +1 500
Experience +5% 1000
Flying +2 2000
Divine Pulse +1 3000
Axe +2 4000
Authority +2 5000
Experience +10% 7500
Strength and Speed cap +5 10000

Saint Indech

A statue of Saint Indech, one of the Four Saints. It is said that he was known for his wisdom and dexterity. Though unskilled in the art of human interaction, he used his gift to help those in need. He was also an indomitable warrior who slew countless foes on countless battlefields.

The Indech statue wields a bow. It fortifies units with bow and brawling boosts.

Stat Required Renown
Bow +1 200
Brawling +1 500
Experience +5% 1000
Heavy Armor +2 2000
Divine Pulse +1 3000
Bow +2 4000
Brawling +2 5000
Experience +10% 7500
Defense and Resistance cap +5 10000

Saint Macuil

A statue of Saint Macuil, one of the Four Saints. It is said that his gift for strategy was unparalleled. He served as the chief tactician of Saint Seiros and was a pioneering figure for the master of the magical arts.

The Macuil statue bears a sword. It grants boosts for sword and reason.

Stat Required Renown
Sword +1 200
Reason +1 500
Experience +5% 1000
Riding +2 2000
Divine Pulse +1 3000
Sword +1 4000
Reason +1 5000
Experience +10% 7500
Magic and Dexterity cap +5 10000

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